Wild Getaways in Manas National Park


As always, we hurried to pack for our departure and hustled to get ready for the new enthralling traveling spots! There is always a good reason behind taking a step ahead for something bizarre that maintains the passionate tint of excitement and hope. Whether you want to revive a bygone romance or looking to have taste for something fresh, here are India's hidden best national park spots Manas National Park for some moment of isolation.

Photo of Wild Getaways in Manas National Park by Siddhartha

Protecting Wildlife

Generally, when you hear the term "wildlife," you think of animals, but many conservation guidelines include both flora and fauna. Humans have not introduced these living things into the world. They are found in the wild. Wildlife lives in every ecosystem, including forests, oceans, deserts, and many more kinds of stuff.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Assam is a tiger and elephant reserve as well as a biosphere reserve that provides a haven for several rare and endangered species. The park covers an area of 950 square kilometers and shares its borders with Bhutan's Royal Manas National Park. It is also home to Assam roofed turtles, hispid hares, golden langurs, and pygmy hogs. There are three ranges within the wildlife reserve, namely Bansbari (Central), Panbari (Western), and Bhuiapara (Eastern) of Assam. A must-visit wildlife destination in India, Manas National Park is also applauded for its conservation park.

There is a number of attractions around the park and you will feel the best going truly inside the park. It will ensure your complete fun and entertainment. Take a step to make a change in your lifestyle for a while and take a trip to Manas National Park which will be super exciting during your short or long stay. Safari zones in Manas are the ultimate source of happiness and joy. Wildlife Safari in Manas is the best way to explore Manas national park jungle (wild).