Why it's (Not) worth visiting Auroville | Auroville Experience


Auroville is so much more than just the Matrimandir. And like most of us even I made the mistake of doing a half day tour of Auroville 5 years back. But coming back here for long was always on my radar. So finally in December'18 I decided to stay here for a week.

Auroville is basically an experimental township where people from multiple nationalities are able to live in an integrated harmonious way, with a common purpose of realising human unity. A place where people come to live their dreams. Be it a business manager turned social entrepreneur, a market researcher turned farmer, or a graphic designer turned musician, this is definitely the place where creativity is the means to a better way of living.

For an experiential traveller like me, this is the perfect platform for understanding the community living and learning from some life-enriching experiences. Although on a very small scale, Auroville is a commendable example of alternate and sustainable living, and a proof of harmonious integration between the locals and expats.

Even after living here for a week, I still find it difficult to capture this place in words. But it’s a genuine break from the only way of life most of us have lived so far. So instead of a day tour, stay here for a while, indulge in delicious organic food, volunteer in a few interesting activities, make some new friends and basically LIVE A LITTLE.