Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh

6th May 2023
Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

After returning from my remarkable 16-day excursion to Bali and Lombok, I am thrilled to share that I spent a mere INR 106,500 per person on the entire trip. Bali has experienced a surge in popularity among Indian travelers in recent years, but unfortunately, many of them end up overspending by succumbing to tour packages. However, if you embrace my approach and venture on your own, you will save at least 30% compared to the most affordable package available.

Within this blog, I will provide a detailed breakdown of my trip's expenses, the best time to travel, and a comprehensive itinerary highlighting the must-visit places during your stay in Bali. Rest assured, Bali offers far more than just its renowned temples, and this guide will assist you in striking a perfect balance between culturally significant sites, thrilling adventures, and a handful of hidden gems that are truly unmissable.


One significant expense to consider is the flight ticket, so it's advisable to book it 4 months in advance. Unfortunately, I booked mine quite late and spent INR 37,750. However, you can secure a ticket for as low as INR 26,000, instantly saving around INR 11,750. Here is a detailed breakdown of all the other expenses per person:

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

Best Season to Travel:

While Bali offers favorable weather throughout the year, making it a suitable destination at any time, the best season to visit is from April to October, during Bali's summer months. These months typically experience minimal or no rainfall, providing ideal conditions for exploration and enjoyment.

Summary of the Itinerary:

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival

Upon our arrival in Bali, we opted for a taxi to transport us to Ubud, where we decided to spend our first night. Next day, we moved to a hidden gem called Sebatu, a nearby village that offers a secluded and authentic Balinese way of life. I highly recommend finding accommodation near this village to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. If time permits, it's advisable to purchase a local SIM card, rent a bike, and withdraw some cash on this day. Afterward, you can explore the lively local night market.

In Bali, motorbikes are the preferred mode of transportation due to limited public transport options and frequent traffic congestion on the narrow, winding roads. Renting a motorbike costs from 60K to 150K IDR per day, depending on factors such as the bike's condition, power, and your bargaining skills. If you and your pillion rider together weigh over 150Kgs, I recommend opting for a 150cc bike for a smoother ride. Both the riders should wear helmets all the time to avoid any fines. If possible apply for international driving license from local RTO / website

Day 2:

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

On our first day in Ubud, we decided to explore the nearby attractions before heading to Sebatu. Here's what we did:

1. Tibumana Waterfall & Taman Sari Waterfall: These two stunning waterfalls are located close to each other and just a 30-minute ride away from Ubud. They provide the perfect opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the cool water and kick off your trip. If you have enough time, I also suggest visiting Kanto Lampo Waterfall, which is nearby. On the way to these waterfalls, you'll come across popular sites such as Goa Gajah Temple, Ubud Palace, and Monkey Forest. While we decided to skip these crowded places to focus on enjoying the waterfalls, feel free to add them to your itinerary if they interest you. If you're staying in Ubud, I highly recommend visiting Campuhan Ridge, a scenic trail known for offering the best sunset views right in the heart of Ubud.

2. Tegallang Rice Terrace: Ubud and its surrounding areas are dotted with beautiful rice terraces, but the most popular one is Tegallang. Among the various viewing points, I suggest entering Alas Harum, which is a resort offering breathtaking views of the valley. Additionally, they provide adventurous activities such as zip-lining and the ever-popular swing experience. While you're there, don't forget to taste the famous Luwak coffee. Avoid buying packed coffee from here and instead by from a wholesaler I have mentioned below.

Click here for the route map along with alternatives

Day 3:

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1. Sebatu Village Walk: Our resort organized a morning walk around the village, providing us with a profound insight into the locals' way of life. It was a stark contrast to what we had seen in Ubud, and the experience turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. The best part? It didn't cost us a dime. I'll make sure to share more about this experience and my observations in a separate post.

2. Mt. Batur View Point & Luwak Coffee Plantation: After breakfast, we set off towards Besakih Temple and unexpectedly came across a coffee plantation called Alam Bali on the way. This is a must-visit spot where you can savor the unique taste of Luwak coffee, sample local tea varieties, and even purchase them at wholesale rates. While you're there, don't miss the opportunity to capture breathtaking pictures of the Mt. Batur from the designated viewpoint on the route.

3. Besakih Temple: Situated at the base of Mt. Agung, it is an ancient, grand, and enchanting site. It is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bali, and no trip is complete without a visit. If luck is on your side, you might witness the majestic Mt. Agung in the backdrop , creating a stunning visual for your photographs.

4. Tukad Cepung Waterfall: Undoubtedly one of the most exquisite waterfalls, Tukad Cepung is a hidden gem nestled inside a cave. A short 15-minute downhill walk from the parking area leads you to this mesmerizing sight. It's an absolute must-visit.

If you have additional time, consider exploring Penglipuran Village, known as the "Cleanest Village," or pay a visit to Pura Tirta Empul Temple, a significant spiritual site renowned for its holy water springs.

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Day 4: More waterfalls and a beautiful temple

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

1. Waterfalls: While heading towards the enchanting Ulun Danu Temple in North Bali, you'll encounter three captivating waterfalls: Pengempu, Leke Leke, and Campuhan Antapan. Among these, Leke Leke is an absolute must-visit. If you have sufficient time, I recommend exploring the other two waterfalls as well, as each offers its own unique charm and beauty.

2. Ulun Danu Temple: Situated on the serene shores of Lake Bratan and nestled amidst picturesque mountains, Ulun Danu Temple is a sight that will leave you in awe. Its dreamy and mesmerizing ambiance has made it a popular destination for photographers and tourists alike. This attraction should not be missed during your Bali adventure.

A few kms before reaching the temple, you'll come across many strawberry farms. We stopped at one of the farms to indulge in delicious strawberry milkshakes and pancakes (location included in the route).

If you have the opportunity to stay overnight in North Bali, you can explore renowned waterfalls such as Aling Aling, Sekempul, and Bayumala. These magnificent waterfalls offer a truly unforgettable experience and are worth adding to your itinerary.

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Day 5: Sidemen and East Bali

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I recommend staying for one or two nights in Sidemen, a charming village located in East Bali. During your stay, be sure to visit two spots: Tirta Ganga and Pura Lempuyang. Additionally, take the opportunity to cool off and relax by visiting the Gembleng Waterfall. Finally, don't miss the chance to witness a breathtaking sunset from the Sidemen Rice Terraces.

Although we couldn't visit the waterfall due to time constraints, we were treated with a beautiful sunset! Sidemen is an ideal place to relax. So if you plan on not going anywhere and enjoy its tranquility, I would say its the best way of spending your day here.

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Day 6: Sidemen to Senaru

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Sideman is a short drive away from Padang Bai Harbour, which serves as a gateway for ferries to Lombok. I highly recommend booking the Ekajaya ferry. While it may be more expensive compared to others, it adheres to stringent safety standards, ensuring a smooth and secure journey. Having experienced local operators as well, I can assure you that extra cost for ekajaya is worth it. You can easily book it through the Ekajaya website or 12go.

We disembarked the boat at Sengigi harbour, where we were warmly greeted by Rinjani Samalas, a reputable trekking company. We had arranged a trek to the Mt. Rinjani Crater Rim with them, which was scheduled for the following morning. Azmi, the owner of Rinjani Samalas, isan incredibly helpful and humble individual. I highly recommend using his services.

After reaching the base village Senaru, and getting settled in our hotels, we decided to take a leisurely walk to the nearby waterfalls: Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep. They offer a truly captivating experience, and taking a dip in their pristine waters was incredibly rejuvenating. Make sure to allocate enough time in your itinerary to visit these natural wonders.

Map Routes:

Sidemen to Padang Bai Eka Jaya Office

Senggigi to villa to two waterfalls

Day 7: Trek to Mt. Rinjani Crater Rim

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

The highly anticipated day had finally arrived. We began our trek early in the morning, setting a steady pace as we made our way towards the crater. As we went up from 600mts (Senaru) to 2641mts (Crater rim), the landscape changed dramatically from a dense rainforest to barren rugged slopes and volcanic rocks. Although the trail was not difficult, but it felt extremely longer than the advertised 7.5 kms. So, if you are not used to trekking, or don't workout regularly, this can become an extremely challenging and an unpleasant experience. However, if you are fit enough and have days to spare, I highly recommend extending your stay and attempting to reach the summit.

Our guide, Supi, provided constant motivation and ensured our safety throughout the trek. Since we arrived well before sunset, we had the opportunity to explore the crater's rim and marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty of Segara Anak, the 200-meter deep lake nestled within the crater. Our efforts were rewarded with one of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever witnessed. On clear days, you can also catch glimpses of Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur in Bali from a distance. In the morning, we were greeted with stunning views of the Gili Islands, our next destination.

It's important to note that the nights here is extremely cold, so be sure to pack an extra layer of warm clothing.

Day 8: The Descend and transfer to Gili Islands

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

We eagerly woke up early in the morning, to witness a magnificent sunrise and after a hearty breakfast, we commenced our descent. We took a break for lunch along the way, enjoying a well-deserved rest. However, as we resumed our trek, the weather took a turn and it started to rain heavily. It made the trail exceptionally slippery and challenging to navigate. Despite underestimating the trek and wearing regular shoes instead of trekking shoes, we managed to complete the trek safely. Unfortunately, we encountered several individuals who had suffered injuries. This served as a reminder of the importance of wearing sturdy trekking shoes on such treacherous terrains. So, please pack a reliable pair of trekking shoes for this adventure.

In the evening, we made our way back to Bangsal port, where a private boat awaited to transport us to Gili Air. Finally, after eight physically exhausting days, we were able to relax on the beach. The daily 80-kilometer bike rides, combined with the strenuous trek, had drained our energy, so this was a much-needed change of pace.

Day 9,10,11: Gili Islands

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

The pristine blue waters, glistening white sands, and the soothing sound of waves make these islands feel like a slice of heaven on Earth. Despite their small size, there is an abundance of activities to indulge in here. Simply taking a leisurely stroll to any corner of the island will leave you convinced that you've found the best beach you've ever seen. Most of the beaches are safe for swimming, and if you're a confident swimmer equipped with snorkeling gear, you can easily spot an array of colorful fish, turtles, and vibrant corals near the shore.

On our first day, we embraced relaxation, dining at charming cafes, and immersing ourselves in the beauty of the sunset. The following two days were dedicated to scuba diving and snorkeling, keeping us occupied until late afternoon. After sunset, we discovered a nearby restaurant that offered movie nights, providing us with a pleasant surprise and a unique way to spend our evenings.

Gili Air is home to numerous businesses that arrange snorkeling tours and assist in finding ferries to other Gili islands, Bali, and Lombok. It's worth noting that there is only one public snorkeling tour available each day, commencing at 9:30 am and costing 150K IDR per person. Therefore, it's highly recommended not to miss it. Alternatively, you have the option of booking a private tour for 1M IDR, regardless of the group size. Opting for a private tour allows you to beat the crowd by starting as early as 7 am. The crystal-clear waters and thriving coral reefs surrounding the Gili islands provide an exceptional diving experience.

If you're staying in Gili Air, I highly recommend booking an introductory dive through Oceans 5, which costs 950K IDR. My first scuba diving experience was made memorable by their wonderful team and a very patient instructor named Chica. She helped me stay calm and enjoy the dive. As I descended into the water, a sense of awe and wonder enveloped me. Among the coral reefs, I had the incredible opportunity to spot a clownfish, famously known as Nemo. It was a surreal moment that will forever be etched in my memory.

Since we were also staying at Oceans 5, we chose them for our dive. It is a delightful place situated right in front of the harbor, ensuring convenient access to nearby cafes and restaurants.

Click for links: Oceans 5 - Stay and Scuba, Semaya One - Snorkeling, Eka Jaya -Ferry Booking, Movie Nights, Best Beach Shack for Sunset with live music

Day 12, 13: Nusa Penida

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

We arrived in Nusa Penida after a hellish boat ride as we could not get a ticket to EkaJaya Ferries. But, now you know better so do not make the same mistake.

Nusa Penida has two harbors, Banjar Nyuh and Buyuk. Regardless of your arrival point, I recommend staying closer to Banjar Nyuh for convenient access to ferries heading back to South Bali. Also the journey from there to South Bali is only 30 minutes compared to over an hour from Buyuk.

Day 12: Crystal Bay and Local Market: Nusa Penida, along with its sister islands, Ceningan and Lembongan, offers stunning beaches, pristine waters, breathtaking cliff viewpoints, and thrilling adventure activities. On our first day, we rented a bike and set off to Crystal Bay beach, where we were treated to a mesmerizing sunset. Later, we explored the vibrant local market near the harbor, immersing ourselves in the island's culture and flavors.

Day 13: Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong, Banah View Point:

We kicked off our day early, heading straight to the renowned T-Rex viewpoint, also known as Kelingking Beach. To beat the crowds, we made sure to arrive as early as possible. The awe-inspiring view was worth the early start. From there, we continued our journey to Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong, two mesmerizing natural formations located nearby. In the afternoon, we made our way to Banah View Point, where we enjoyed a serene sunset in a more secluded setting. You can also go to Mantay Bay, or KelingKing beach again for the sunset.

For those with an extra day, I recommend a visit to Manta Bay for a swim alongside majestic Manta Rays. Alternatively, explore the eastern half of the island, featuring Thousand Islands viewpoint and Diamond Beach, perfect spots to witness a breathtaking sunrise. Additionally, a day trip to the neighboring islands of Ceningan and Lembongan, connected by a bridge, offers more adventures to explore.

Day 14,15: South Bali

Photo of Bali Budget Itinerary - 2 Weeks in INR 1 Lakh by Chinmay Tamhankar

1. Day 14: A day trip to Uluwatu

During our stay in Legian, we took a day trip to Uluwatu, known for its stunning cliffs, picturesque beaches, and captivating fire dance performance. Instead of the bustling beaches of Seminyak or Kuta, we opted for the hidden gems of Uluwatu. Padang Padang Beach and Dreamland Beach stood out as some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Before heading to Uluwatu Temple for the fire dance shows, we also explored the scenic Karang Boma Cliff. It offered an awe-inspiring view of the Indian Ocean, and one can savour the sunset while sipping refreshing coconut water here.

The Kecak fire dance at Uluwatu Temple depicts Ramayana, an Indian mythology, in a captivating way. The performance is enhanced by the background sounds of 'Cak Cak' made by 60+ artists. Temple being located on a cliff, provides the perfect place to enjoy the performance while the sun is setting in the background. To secure a spot for the sunset show at 6pm, it's advisable to book in advance. If you miss it, there is a second performance at 7pm.

2. Day 15: Tanah Lot Temple, and Local Markets

In South Bali, there is an abundance of activities to explore, ranging from visiting museums and temples to enjoying water sports and relaxing on beautiful beaches. During our trip, we prioritized a visit to Tanah Lot temple, a highly popular attraction that becomes accessible during low tide. Although we couldn't enter the temple itself, we had the opportunity to wander around the complex and admire the breathtaking view it offers.

For the remainder of the day, we indulged in shopping and sampling local cuisine. Here are the markets we explored

a. Art Market Kuta & Seminyak Flee Market: both are popular, meant everything was overpriced, you can get same stuff in local stores at cheaper rate.

c. Denpasar Night Market: This market is a hidden gem. We savored the best inexpensive street food and it surprised us that no tourists visited this market, as it truly captured the essence of local flavors and culture.

Day 16: Departure

On our departure day from Bali, we reflected upon the wonderful experiences and memories we had gathered during our trip. With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to this island. Before heading to the airport, we carved out some time to pick up souvenirs.

As we boarded our flight, we carried with us not only the physical reminders of our journey, but also a profound appreciation for the enchanting beauty of Bali and the remarkable experiences it had bestowed upon us. Bali had left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we departed with a promise to return someday, to create new chapters and relive the magic once again.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this itinerary and for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. I hope that the information provided has been helpful in planning your Bali trip. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out on instagram. Wishing you a wonderful and memorable journey in Bali!