Thailand Bangkok Nightlife, Bangkok Street, Girls, Bangkok Market, Massage

7th Feb 2020

Khaosan Road:

Khaosan road is the hub of hook ups at midnight, Bars, Discs. It has one of the best crowed. Bangkok girls, Bangkok Food, Bangkok Massage, Bangkok Market, Bangkok Khaosan Street is so alive that you can keep moving here till 1 to 2 AM.

Best Beers, Bangkok Food, Thailand Street Food and lots of music.

What you see in this 5th episode is just 10%. There is a separate series I have made as Raw & Uncut videos of Thailand and Bangkok. Links are given below.

Maximum famous hostels are situated at this place only. I have not seen so many beautiful girls at one place in my life. Enjoy this watching the video, which is the 5th episode of Thailand series.


Introduction to Seven Eleven:

155 Bhat for 2 Bottles of Hanken Brand Beer

During our stay in Thailand, Bangkok and Pattaya , Seven Eleven was everywhere and it was the hub of getting Beer.

112 Bhat for 2 Bottles of Leo Brand Beer and many more like this. 58 Bhat for Single Bottle. Wine Bottle costing only 56 Bhat.

And few more in average of 55 Bhat or 50 Bhat.

Watching this episode has been a fun and you will not feel tired of watching this again and again.

Complete shopping experience under one roof.

Street Food is amazing. Though very few options are available for vegetarians.

Mad monkey Hostel:

is one of the most popular hostel You Need to do a advance booking through app, because its always very crowded and full.