Bangkok- Koh Chang- Pattaya- Bangkok


Bangkok- Koh Chang- Pattaya- Bangkok

Finally, am going to reveal the mystery. When I was planning, it was damn difficult to know how one should travel from Koh Chang to Pattaya. I got several articles which state how to reach from Bangkok, but nothing on how to reach Pattaya from Koh Chang. But I stick to my plan and finally, I made it. I would like to share with all the backpackers and fellow travelers out here, that’s how to travel to these three cities together.

Bangkok to Koh Chang

From Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai Bus Station), mini vans are available at every one hour to Trat.

The first minivan at 8 am. Price is 320THB. Trat is around 4 hrs from Bangkok. Van will stop twice on the way to Trat.

After reaching Trat you will get Songthaew to Koh Chang Pier. Price is 80THB from Trat to Koh Chang Pier. The travel time is 30 mins.

After reaching Pier you will get the ferry to the Island. This ferry Ticket was already included in the Songthaew ticket. The ferry is available every one hour, so you must wait for that. There is no other alternative.

Travel time from the Pier to the island is 25-30 mins.

After getting down from the ferry, you should say the Beach and the name of the accommodation to the drivers of the Songthaew. Accordingly, you will be charged and get dropped at your accommodation. I booked my Homestay at Lonely beach and paid 100THB. The travel time is 20 mins.

So, all together I paid 500 THB and it took me almost 6 hours to reach Koh Chang from Bangkok.

The advice is to take 1st or 2nd Minivan latest to reach Koh Chang by Afternoon.

Koh Chang to Pattaya

You have Two Options: Either book Minivans from Pier after taking the ferry or you can book from any travel company nearby your hotels. So, this transfer will be all inclusive from Koh Chang Hotel to Pattaya hotel.

Price is 500 THB and Travel time is 5hrs and it will stop two times for refreshment.

It’s very easy and convenient.

Pattaya to Bangkok

Take Songthaew nearby your hotel or Bike Taxis to Thonglor Pet Hospital on Sukhumvit Road.

You will get Mini Vans to Eastern Bus Terminal, Bangkok. Price is 130THB and travel time is 3 hrs.

Also, for Bus, you can go to Pattaya Bus Station. The bus ticket will cost you 120 THB so it’s better to take Minivans.

So still if anyone has any queries, feel free to write in the comment section below.