Trip To Bekal Fort, Kerala


A small town which is situated in the coastline of Arabian Sea derives its name from the word “Beliakulam” which literally means “Big Palace”. According to local residents, a big palace was present in this town after which it was named. An important tourist destination, the city of Bekal has a number of attractions.

I got this wonderful chance to travel around North Kerala during the monsoon, the most pleasant and green time of the year. We happened to visit the Bekal Fort; the largest and the most preserved fort in Kerala. The Fort comes under the Archeological survey of India, the body that takes care of the preservation and maintenance of the Fort.

The fort is spread across around forty acres on the Malabar coast overlooking the Arabian sea. Travelers can enjoy at the beach with their families or friends and can also indulge in cruising. Tourists can also savor the taste of Payasam, which is available locally.

It was an unique experience. Bekal Fort is surely a place for a day trip. Can be a place for a leisurely tour or a serious visit for a study of the past.

Photo of Bekal Beach, Kerala, India by Sheyli Nnayaar