In the northern part of Belgium, the quaint and historic town of Bruges attracts travelers from around the world every year. It is located on the river Telde where it intersects the Kassel River. Bruges has a rich history and is well-known for its Cathedral and Castle that attracts people from far and wide. If you have never been to this region of Belgium before, you will definitely want to try out Bruges' famous attractions. Here are some of them:

- The Bruges Cruise. This cruise is among the most popular tourist activities in the city and gives an opportunity to spend an entire week at the region. It lets you visit the attractions of the region as well as enjoy unlimited entertainment. The cruise is organized by several companies throughout the year. A boat trip along the Bruges canals is a great way to get a powerful charge of impressions (I order a boat tour at foxiepass).

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- Belgian Gold Guide. Travel to the De Wallen district of Bruges and get the full knowledge about this unique city. You will learn that this region was one of the first to discover the veins of gold. This resulted in the foundation of the City of Gold, which today is an UNESCO City of Interest. The excursion takes you on a tour of the city, during which you will meet the local merchants who sell various products made from gold.

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- The Fete de Bruges. If you want to enjoy the traditional Belgian cuisine along with the traditional European arts, then you should take part in this thrilling excursion. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce, this festival draws a large number of participants from all over Europe.

- A Day in Brussels. If you are planning a trip to the European capital, it is important to make it an enjoyable experience. This city is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Tourists can spend the day exploring several of its famous attractions such as the Castle of Etruria and the Anne Frank House. The city is also home to some interesting museums that display collections of relics and art from various cultures. When you visit this beautiful city, make sure that you have an overnight accommodation arranged. Checking in at one of the boutique hotels and making dreamy romantic walks around the city (to compare prices for hotels, I use the service hotelhunter).

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- Travel to Antwerp. This city is also known as the heart of Belgium. Its ancient monuments and beautiful historic buildings attract visitors from all over the world. On your Bruges travel itinerary, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a walking tour around some of its key locations.