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Bhutanese are lovely people if you ask me. On my visit to the Land of Dragons I experienced one thing that there is a deep connection between royals and the commoners. And that can be said as a truly beautiful relationship. Throughout the country people are very loyal and respect the royal family from heart. People wear the badges with the picture of the current King and the Queen as an honor.

So it got me into believing that there is a reason behind this profound respect and fondness.

What I Gathered From People

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I explored Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and other places including the local villages. And everywhere I saw happy and contented faces. The citizens do not abide by the rules out of rules, but out of respect that comes automatically. There is even a Bhutanese song as 'His Majesty is your parents'. The truth is these feelings are natural as the Kings and Queens are really concerned about the country and the people. People get educational and healthcare benefits from the government.

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The royal family believes in the interest of all. They teach and show humility and do not propagates the idea of caste or class divisions. This image of humility is what shows the people to adopt the ideals.

The royal family are particular about safety and security of the citizens. And not just people, the King and Queen are always into preserving nature and forests.

The Royals Spread Moral Values

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From generosity to goodwill, the Kings and Queens are very humble. They do not represent themselves as royal; rather a part of common life. It is said that people often find the King helping some school kids, playing with local children, assisting poor people with chores.

Hopefully, I can get the honour of meeting one of the royal members on my next visit to Bhutan. Above all, it feels really encouraging to share happiness and spread love among others even when you are a stranger. That's what Bhutan King and Queen promote.

Royals Are Like Gods To The Bhutanese

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Sometimes when Mother Nature acts scary, people of Bhutan did not get afraid as they are backed by the support the King provides. He himself visits the spot where people are suffering the effects of floods or forest fires. His Majesty's contribution cannot be measured. Both the King and the Queen show themselves whenever the people need them. Be it a festive season or a time of sorrow the royals and commoners become one as always.

In a nutshell, I must say that I have never met so frank and helpful people in my life. The thoughts, ideas and values that the Great Kings have treated Bhutan with are something to take lessons from. People are not demanding and greedy because the royals teach them to be happy with what they have and love every blessed moment. It's the immeasurable love and respect of the people that illuminates the royal family and not wealth or pride.

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Photo of Why Bhutanese Are Fond Of Royal Family-Crazy Wanderer 5/5 by Pankti Shah

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