And you? Why do you travel?

Photo of And you? Why do you travel? 1/2 by Farish Chander
Photo of And you? Why do you travel? 2/2 by Farish Chander

Found something interesting on internet today and felt like sharing with you all. Nor the video made by me, neither the interviews were taken by me. It is just a sharing kind of thing to feed all of yours travel bug. So enjoy the video!

Description from Fabio Kotinda

"Hope this video makes you stop and think about why you travel. Because we often just travel without even thinking about what is important when you are traveling. Or sometimes we forget the main reasons that make us leave. I filmed this video while I was traveling through northeast Brazil for a month. Besides filming the landscape and daily activities I interviewed some people that I met on the way and selected some parts to create this video.

And you? Why do you travel? Answer in the comments.

Thanks to all the people that gave me an interview although I couldn't use all of them in this video.

Special thanks to Marcelo and Roberta for contributing to the clip with some GoPro footage".

Further I do expect the answer from every one 'Why do you travel?' 

Feel free to answer!