5 Best Road trips In Africa!

31st Oct 2018
Photo of 5 Best Road trips In Africa! by SONIA DAVID

Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Then buckle up and hit the open road on the vast, wild continent of Africa. Just know that road trips in Africa can be a challenge and require a bit of planning, but the rewards will be well worth your effort and road trips in off-the-beaten-paths of Africa will leave you amazed. So, if you have road fever “African style,” here is the 5 best roads trips in Africa.

1. The Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa.

Photo of Africa by SONIA DAVID

If you want to sample some of the best wine in the world, take a road trip along the Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa. This route gets its name from Garden Route National Park. There are no shortages of amazing wildlife, lagoons, mountains, forests, and beaches along its scenic winding roads. Your fun-meter will be pegged as you drive along the Indian Ocean through fun beach towns, national parks and world-class wineries from the vibrant city of Cape Town to the uniquely English town of Port Elizabeth. A stop in the town of Hermanus is a great place to do some whale watching and shark cafe diving. Along the route, you will have your pick of wineries. Check out the Karusa Vineyards in Outsdoorn and while you are there, stop and visit a live Ostrich farm.

2. The Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Photo of 5 Best Road trips In Africa! by SONIA DAVID

If you want a feast for the eyes, you must plan a road trip through the Atlas Mountains. These gorgeous peaks stretch from Morocco through Algeria to Tunisia, but the best way to see them is on Morocco’s well-kept road system. It is recommended that you go through a reliable travel agent if you want to make the most of the trip. Heading up the mountains, you will have maneuver the switchbacks on Tizi n’tichka Pass before you get to a must-see stop along your route – Aït Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town may look familiar because it was used as the backdrop for the movie Gladiator and the Game of Thrones television series. Along your way, you will be greeted by very friendly locals as you pass through Berber villages or at frequent road-side tea


3. The Moroccan Coast, Morocco.

Photo of 5 Best Road trips In Africa! by SONIA DAVID

The coastal highway that runs along the Moroccan coast has to be one of the most beautiful drives in all of Africa. The scenic drive on the A1 will take you from the vibrant city of Tangier, along the North Atlantic coast through the cosmopolitan cities of Rabat and Casablanca and through charming fishing villages and ancient castles. A great place to end your trip is the trendy city of Agadir, where you will find all the luxury you need to relax in style. Along the way, make sure to stop at local seaside restaurants for the some of the best seafood on the continent.

4. The Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

Photo of 5 Best Road trips In Africa! by SONIA DAVID

A road trip along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia is an off-road adventure you will not soon forget. You will find a unique blend of colonial German towns, like Swakopmund, a great supply of wildlife and of course—the Kalahari Desert. This vast stretch of coast got its name from the numerous shipwrecks that are scattered along the beaches. Namibia was built for a true African road trip with incredibly long, flat stretched of tarmac that runs along the most surreal coastal wilderness in the world. Where else can you drive the desert coast with elephants to keep you company? This is a trip that must be done in a 4x4 and make sure you have prepared your vehicle for any situation—help can be hours away.

5. Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Photo of 5 Best Road trips In Africa! by SONIA DAVID

This has to be the ultimate road trip in Africa. The KwaZulu-Natal region boasts amazing attractions all within easy reach of the amazingly modern city of Durban. If you want breathtaking mountain views, a safari of a lifetime and pristine white sand beaches on the Indian Ocean, then check out this road trip. Start with a two-hour drive to the Drakensberg Mountains to take in the raw natural beauty of this World Heritage Site. After a stay in one of the many luxury lodges, take a four-hour drive out of the mountains to the towards the coast and get a glimpse of the big five at Mkuze/Hluhluwe Wildlife Reserve. As a perfect end to your road trip, take a short drive to Isimangaliso Wetland Park on the Indian Ocean. This remote stretch of wetlands is a great beach escape and chance to take in amazing wildlife on the