The ultimate bucketlist

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Get Yourself a Funky Travel Tattoo
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Explore a cave
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'Teri Galliyan' : Ride a bike on Your own
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Meet a stranger and fall in love
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Do you wanna build a snowman ;)
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Sleep with the stars

This is the travelling generation. With Facebook and Instagram being flooded with check-ins of people from across the globe, we just love to travel. Each of you will have a set list of places to visit before you die; either inspired by someone or just childhood dreams. This short piece will not recommend places to catch a glimpse of, instead it is a checklist of the activities that should form a part of your travel.

1. Rent a scooty and explore the city on your own. No fond memories will come out of opting for well-guided tours.

2. Go to a new place and spend a week doing nothing but eating and drinking the local cuisine.

3. Get a tattoo- one of the cool gifts you can give yourself while in a new city. I know a person who has the map of the world on his back and he shades the country every time he visits a new one.

4. Make out with a complete stranger- an added incentive if you do not understand the language he/she speaks.

5. Make out in a public place ;)

6. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower: the most romantic place needs to be on your list.

7. Have dinner at the beach: The tranquil waves and the sand: couldn't ask for anything better.

8. Plan an impromptu road trip.

9. Go to the airport with your passport and take the next flight.

10. Buy native wear.

11. Attend a local wedding.

12. Stay at a local's place: You will end up having foster relatives.

13. Visit the seven wonders of the world in one go.

14. Explore a cave.

15. Be a part of a flashmob in the new place.

16. Sleep under the stars.

17. Teach surfing as a job.

18. Take a hot air balloon ride at the sunset.

19. Do something incredibly spontaneous that you'll regret later.

20. Travel alone; with friends and with your guy/girl.

21. Eat something crazy, something you'd never believe you will. I am a vegetarian and while I was in China, I tasted a grasshopper and extremely bizarre foods.

22. Travel with just your hand luggage for a couple of months : I believe it is impossible for me, but definitely worth a try.

23. Sell all your stuff and be a nomad.

24. Party till sunrise; you'll meet lots of cool people.

25. Publish your story in a travel magazine.

26.  Become a member of the 'Mile High Club'.

27. Learn a foreign language and visit that alien land.

28. Go to a place where you do not understand a single word of the country.

29. Visit a site that you just saw in a movie.

30. Learn cooking a popular dish of the country.

31. Get drunk with strangers ; nothing interesting started by eating a salad.

Feel free to add more to your list. Go ahead and knit your own dazzling stories.

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