Murud Beach and Phansad

25th Dec 2014
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 1/8 by aloktamhankar
Parking at Lodge
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 2/8 by aloktamhankar
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 3/8 by aloktamhankar
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 4/8 by aloktamhankar
@ Patil Khanaval
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 5/8 by aloktamhankar
Tent @ Phansad
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 6/8 by aloktamhankar
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 7/8 by aloktamhankar
Photo of Murud Beach and Phansad 8/8 by aloktamhankar

Decided to go to a serene and quite location for a family picnic and the 1st thing came to our mind was  - Murud beach (As always). We go to Murud every year in the month of December.

But this time we decided to add Phansad Bird Sanctuary to the list.

We left by our personal cars and murud was at a 4 hours drive from my town (Dombivli). Left Dombivli in the afternoon around 3.00 pm and reached Murud at 7.00 pm. It was a comfortable ride all along expect from some small bad patches ahead in between Pen and Alibaug.

We were charged an entry fee of Rs 10/- to enter Murud town as town maintenance charges. We settled at Devkinandan Lodge (Charges – rs  800- 1000/- per room) which is bang opposite the Serene beach. The Lodge is really well maintained and the best point is that it allows only families to stay. The rooms are quite spacious with parking facility available. One can easily listen to the whistling water In the silent night from the hotel room.

We enjoyed playing at the beach the next morning and then it was time for Lunch. Playing in the water really increases your appetite. The only one decent place for food in Murud is Patil Khanaval. Sitting arrangement is made for the guests in the open garden and the food is also nice. They serve only LUNCH (Thali) and dinner, which consists of some fixed food items (Chapati, 2 bhajis, Curd, Rice, Salad, Papad) and a sweet.

The 2nd day was also spent at the beach and having the same lunch thali @ Patil Khanaval. Had a look at some of the points in Murud Town. A Temple on top of a small hillock, the highest point – Idgah as they call it, The Murud Palace (Not allowed Inside) and the local market.

Left for Phansad Bird Sanctuary in the afternoon @ approx 3.30. It was not very far off. Just 15-20 kms from Murud. We were given a deadline to enter Phansad before 5.30 pm as the main gate is closed thereafter.

Phansad Boasts of various species of Birds, Reptiles, Leopards and insects. Recently arrangements have been made for the tourists to stay and enjoy the wildlife. We were allotted 2 tents which had a capacity to accommodate  15 guests. It was a self contained tent. The local villagers who lived nearby looked after the needs of the guests/tourists. We gave our preference (They  served Both – Veg & Non-Veg)  for Dinner to the local village ladies who cooked the food at the makeshift Restaurant.

Early Next morning, a bullock cart ride had been arranged which took us inside the jungle where we could see the variety of flora –fauna and the Birds chirping all around. We managed to spot a leopard at a very short distance, But being a shy animal ran off into the deep. The biggest price -  We got a Cobra Snake Skin which was just shedding and fresh. We took it along with us.

Overall The trip was fantastic and we were ready and charged to get back to our routine lives.

Tour Days – 4 days

2 days Murud, 2 days Phansad

Tour Cost – rs 4,600/- for the full family for 4 days (Excluding petrol cost)

If you need any more details regarding the Route, Phansad phone numbers, Devkinandan Lodge contact numbers, Do write back to me and I will be glad to provide you the details.