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Introduction : My name is Binwant Singh and i work in a Travel Company Based in Amritsar Punjab, India...i was in dubai for a Travel event during 28th april-3rd may Called #arabiantravelmart2019 #arabiantravelmart with my friends during which a Very Disturbing Incident happened to us in #meenabazzardubai of Dubai, Which is now become a nightmare for all 3 of us.

Incident in Brief........Below

Dubai - A Day before yesterday, i was into love with the beautiful Country “UAE” and The Best Tourist destination in the world “ #DUBAI “ but it turned into a nightmare when i met with an Incident happened on April,2019 in the most happening Market of Dubai Called #Meenabazzar, I am a frequent traveller of dubai and have been here in dubai for almost 6-7 Times and always enjoyed the destinations with friends, colleagues and family But this time During an Event #arabiantravelmart2019 when i came with my two friends, we have Booked Dubai City tour and after that we asked our Driver to drop us in #meenabazzar for Some Shopping and all which i always prefer for Shopping, and every year i used to buy Watches, Purse and other things from #meenabazzar and Find 1st Copy branded products in a very cheap prices but This time During Shopping when we just entered from Gate no 1 of #Goldsouk #meenabazaardubai a #bangladeshiGuy came to us and asked us to buy 1st Copy Branded Watches like Rolex, Bretling, rado etc....he took us to a place somewhere inside the buildings and it was a very beautiful shop we were mesmerised with the products he offered but due to high prices like 400 Dhs-450 Dhs we left the shop and then Another #bangladeshi Guy approached us to buy watches from him in a price Of 100 Dhs - 200 Dha and he also took us to somewhere inside the streets and stopped at a Place which was a Small gate opposite to some restaurant, It was Locked from Outside he opened the gate and asked us to come and see watches, I walked inside with my one friend and asked my other friend to wait outside the gate but suddenly 2-3 more bangladeshi Guys Pushed my 3rd Friend inside the gate and they Locked the gate, after that what happend was Horrible they Have looted our money we were Carrying about 1900 Dhs + Rs.8000 (Indian Currency), 150 CAD (Cannadian Dollar) and around 800 USD, they have Beaten us Badly and locked us in 3 Different Cabins with 3 ugly Aunties and asked to have sex with them, we were afraid and terrified at that time that aunties tried to molest us and removed our clothes and put Condoms on our penis, and In a Couple of Seconds they removed the condoms and spit in that asked us to not to tell anyone or police about what happened otherwise we will be killed in somewhere and again they took us outside of that canin and Beaten again and Gave us 100 + 200 + 200 Dhs Back out of which the girls asked for the Tips we handed over the money to them again about 250-300 Dhs and they Clicked our photograps with that girls after that they asked us to

Smile and leave the place and warned us not to tell what happened with us and asked us to go straight to the Hotel...out of that area, We just ran from the place without turning back...we have lost our money but god saved our lives...one thing more they have only Lotted our money but didn’t lotted other things like Mobiles, Gold Chains and Rings etc....i am still shivering while writing this blog and never ever wanna come again to this horrible place in my life....

Soo as a Traveler i wanna Request all other travellers not to be a Victim of Places like #meenabazzar #dubai and Also Urge #dubaipolice #touristdubai #governmentofdubai #tourismdepartmentdubai #arabianmartdubai #dmcdubai #traveldubai #newsdubai if you can stop this terrible criminal activity it might save some one else hard earned money and May be a precious life....



Thats All.........:-(

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