Dubai : City of Extremes

6th Jun 2014
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 1/7 by Simone
Burj Khalifa
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 2/7 by Simone
Fountain At The Dubai Mall
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 3/7 by Simone
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 4/7 by Simone
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 5/7 by Simone
Fish Market
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 6/7 by Simone
Arabian Sea
Photo of Dubai : City of Extremes 7/7 by Simone
At the Spice Souk

For some reason when I went to Dubai, I didn’t do the usual thing. For me the usual thing is to investigate a bit on where I am going. I try and look up customs, do and don’ts for a country and well, in general, have an idea of where I am going. For this trip – for some reason – I didn’t. Or maybe I did but I couldnt’t really get my head around Dubai in general and that feeling persisted when I arrived.

I got there late on the Monday and instead of going out and exploring as I would normally do, I stayed in the hotel and just had an early night. I just didn’t really know where to go and what would be safe as a woman alone.  Maybe part of that is due to the media craze when it comes to islam. I just didn’t feel too secure in knowing what I was doing. Weird huh?

Thankfully over the next few days I got used to Dubai and I started to appreciate it’s weirdness. Because in a way it is weird. There is the ultra modern part of Dubai with skyscrapers that are amongst the tallest in the world. The worlds largest shopping mall and more extravaganza. And then on the other part of Dubai you have the traditional fish market, the spice markets and the more traditional parts of the city.

I was extremely lucky to have two local ladies guide me around the older part of Dubai. It’s always different seeing a city through the eyes of someone who actually lives there. Although I do think they kind of felt like a tourist too. And it’s so handy having someone who speaks Arabic with you! Can you imagine the difference in price when you buy vanilla? Lol

Don’t in Dubai

  1. Buying too much in the shopping mall. It’s expensive and before you know it, you’re left with too much luggage (I was!)
  2. Dress like a tourist in the more traditional area’s of Dubai. A little modesty is appreciated (cover shoulders and knees that is)
  3. Don’t try and do it all in two days. You need at least 3 days in Dubai to see the most.
Especially at night this is a must see. Touristic, yes, but magnificent too!
Photo of Burj Khalifa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Simone
You cannot go to Dubai and NOT see the biggest mall in the world, right?
Photo of The Dubai Mall - D 71 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Simone
Get up early and go to the fish market. Don’t wear open shoes!
Photo of Deira Fish Market - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Simone
Do make sure you negotiate the prices… They’re used to tourists so will try and rip you off if they can
Photo of Spice Souk - D 85 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates by Simone