Highlights that you should experience


Sweden vacation tips: These highlights should be experienced. We have traveled from Smaland to Lapland and have tips that not everyone knows.

Sweden vacation tip # 1 : Midsummer at Lake Siljan

Dalarna is the model country of Sweden, everything here is "typically Swedish", from the Dala horse to church boat rowing and the Vasa run to the midsummer celebrations, where everyone naturally slips into their traditional costumes.

Even the many tourists on vacation in Sweden who are drawn to Lake Siljan could hardly harm the idyll of the 19th century, as Carl Larsson has painted again and again. Rural festivals, minstrels with fiddles and folk dancing have not gone out of fashion even in the age of rap and punk. A musical instrument hangs in almost every house and birthday parties, christenings, weddings or erecting the maypole without the typical violin music are simply unthinkable.

"Midsommar" is the most important festival of the year, so important that it is postponed to the weekend, even if the midsummer day falls in the middle of the week. All Swedes long for the midsummer festival. It is the beginning of the open-air season, the beginning of endless days and bright nights, and the hope of a long summer. Dance, music, good food and alcohol are part of this exuberant celebration.

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Every place around Lake Siljan celebrates its own midsummer party. After coffee, everyone rushes to the village square to set up the "maypole" wrapped in fresh birch green try here. When the »Majstång« stands, the fiddles ring out to the pagan dance around the fertility symbol. Everyone takes hold of the hands and with dizzying speed one circle turns to the left, the next to the right.

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After this official part of the festival, the celebration continues with family or friends. This includes a lavish feast and enough alcohol. »Upp och ner« is the invitation to drink, the »Skål« as an answer gets louder with every aquavit.