Miami Sightseeing Tour


Visit Miami and its unique culture on a double-decker bus and boat tour! Explore South Beach Art Deco district as you enjoy one of America's most captivating downtowns.

In the USA, and in particular in Miami, there is an excellent car rental service -, as well as experienced guides and interesting excursions -

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Visit Little Havana and Wynwood's street art scene and sample authentic neighborhood fare before sailing Millionaire's Row and the bay.

Double decker bus tour

Take a tour of Miami by bus and witness its many sides - from Ocean Drive's Art Deco architecture to one of America's finest Downtowns - during an all-inclusive journey. There are so many sights to see!

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Dependent upon your tour package, you could hop off at various stops along the way and explore Little Havana or Wynwood; alternatively opt for the premium ticket that also includes a 90-minute Millionaire's Row Boat cruise!

Discover Miami Skyline and Millionaire's Row from a double-decker bus with this comprehensive tour. Choose between 24- or 48 hour hop-on hop-off tickets, then relax as your comfortable ride stops at over 40 locations, including Downtown Miami, Wynwood and South Beach.

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Boat tour

Experience Miami from a unique boat tour and witness its beautiful coastal sights while viewing celebrity homes along Millionaire's Row. Perfect for all members of the family.

Boat tours provide an educational way of experiencing the history and architecture of any city, while visiting attractions like Lowe Art Museum which holds over one century's worth of works of art.

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This tour is an ideal way to discover Miami's diverse neighborhoods. Each tour guide comes equipped with acting and comedy experience, so your journey will be entertaining throughout. Additionally, lunch and drinks will be provided.

Wynwood Art District

Miami's Wynwood Art District features an extraordinary collection of street art. Established by late real estate mogul Tony Goldman in 2009, it transformed warehouse walls into an outdoor museum featuring work from some of the world's premier street artists.

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Today, this neighborhood is recognized as one of Miami's most colorful and trendy areas, home to converted warehouses that now house craft breweries, art galleries and hip clothing boutiques - not to mention an array of graffiti murals from local and international artists that line its streets.

Take an exciting tour to experience Wynwood's street art! This special activity takes you on an incredible ride with a golf cart-based tour through murals by world-renowned artists such as DFace, Retna and Shepard Fairey - this will allow you to take in some incredible works that celebrate Wynwood.

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Little Havana

Join this special tour and experience Cuban culture that makes Miami such a dynamic city. On a walking tour through Little Havana / Calle Ocho you will explore major landmarks such as Domino Park, Bay of Pigs Memorial Park and an authentic cigar shop - plus much more!

Experience the area with an experienced guide who can answer all of your questions about it and share stories from its residents, while teaching you more about Santeria spiritual beliefs as part of the community practice.

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Discover the remarkable contributions made by Cuban-American musicians who have found success in music - from Salsa Queen Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan of Miami Sound Machine fame, as well as home run hitter Sammy Sosa - including Celia Cruz herself, Gloria Estefan of Miami Sound Machine fame, and home run hitter Sammy Sosa.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is renowned vacation destination with stunning sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, its iconic palm trees and colorful lifeguard towers offering photographers a photographer's paradise. Visitors can soak up some Vitamin D on Ocean Drive or take an exciting tour by bus of this beach paradise.

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Visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to gain a closer glimpse into Miami Beach. This Miami mansion houses original antiquities from Deering family's estate, making this an excellent opportunity to see Art Deco architecture of South Beach as well as learn more about its culture.

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Enjoy a tour of Miami aboard an elegant double-decker bus featuring panoramic roof and comfortable seats, taking you around all its popular spots such as Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Little Havana and Wynwood.