Dear Paris! #throwback

Photo of Dear Paris! #throwback by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Paris is an eternal magnet for its visitors & literally a no- brainer trip.

Paris might have the best museums and galleries in the world but that doesn't mean you have to spend your whole day hanging out with Picasso.

Paris, I think is a mirror, If you are young and wild it can be the same. Unable to identify the moment of bliss, enjoyed each and every bit of it, either getting tucked in a cozy cafe, walking along the Seine, or finding myself standstill, in front of Eiffel Tower and resting under it, till the magical hour, when the streets glow. How could I forget the pickpockets! Keep your wits about you in Paris.

Photo of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Start your day at "Loustic"- a super cool little cafe in a quiet street of Le Marais, found in a food tour lead by enthusiastic locals. They serve best craft coffee, flaky buttery croissants, and food as good as coffee. Or if in hurry to start your day, may try "Odette", and " Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole"( for the late risers among us), the incredibly charming choices for grabbing breakfast or brunch, and both next door to Notre Dame. Visitors are allowed inside and can walk around this Roman catholic Cathedral Notre Dame- one of the most enduring symbols of Paris. It is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

Photo of Notre Dame, Paris, France by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Its afternoon already, meander around the neighborhood if you wish to see those classic Paris streets-St. Germain is a great place to photograph them. One of the popular Paris photo spots, Colonnes de Buren in the Palais Royale–they’re free to visit and fun to see, there will be plenty of people hanging out (and even working out–we’ve seen everything from group lunges to kids playing soccer) nearby.

Photo of Champs-Élysées, Paris, France by Gunjan Bharadwaj

What could Paris be without its symbolic Eiffel Tower? If you are tired by now, because I was, consider a metro ride, as one the best views are waiting for you at Eiffel Tower. A 324 mts high tower and one of the most visited monuments in the world with nearly 7 million visitors a year. There are two options available, if your stamina allows you to take the stairs then book tickets online and start climbing. Else, elevators are less time consuming and give the leverage of spending more time in soaking the beauty and magnificent views from the 3rd floor at 275 mts. Wind sprawling through your hair, sun ready to kiss the horizon, as if the much-awaited moment has come and all you can do is watch and reciprocate!

Photo of Dear Paris! #throwback by Gunjan Bharadwaj

When the sun sets, the monuments are lit slowly. All the streets by now are glowing, this is the best time to go for a cruise on River Seine with freshly baked Crepe. The best way to visit a "City of Light" and to get a panoramic view of "The Pont Marie". A "lovers' bridge" beneath which it is an "old tradition" to kiss, is probably considered the most romantic bridge in Paris.

All White City- City Of Lights!

Photo of Dear Paris! #throwback by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Champs-Elysees, dead-ends into the Arc de Triomphe, so after snapping photos both from the top of the monument and of the Arc itself, continue your morning by heading down one of the most famous shopping streets in the world.

Photo of Dear Paris! #throwback by Gunjan Bharadwaj

Other famous spots are the Palace of Versailles, Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, Disney land. Your one afternoon in Paris should be dedicated to a neighborhood that’s not quite old… with some incredibly adorable streets, squares, bakeries, cafes, and bars.

Surely, of all the wonderful memories of Paris (the all white city), the horizon is the greatest!! It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart. You take something with you, Hopefully.

Photo of Hôtel ibis Paris Porte de Montreuil., Paris, France by Gunjan Bharadwaj