10 things to do in Paris for first time travellers

1st Apr 2021

Cafes, culture and, of course, the Eiffel Tower: Paris is one of the most diverse cities in Europe. Thanks to the global pandemic, we aren’t able to travel as freely as we could before. Hopefully that will change in the not so distant future, but did you know you could visit Paris from the comfort of your sofa?

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Here are some of our favourite things to do Paris:

1. Sailing across the Seine by boat

A cruise across the Seine is the highlight of any trip to Paris. Especially at dusk, the river is a real highlight and offers panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and all the other sights of the city. Tickets for a boat tour on the Seine can be obtained from the tour guide.

2. Explore the side streets

Small boutiques, cafés and shops: In the small side streets of the metropolis, even frequent visitors to Paris discover new things again and again and get to know the city away from the tourist miles. Especially the benches at the "Pont des Arts" are worth a visit due to their great views, especially in spring when the flowers are in bloom.

3. Go to the cinema or theatre

Whether it's the Parisian Varieté Moulin Rouge or a small film palace on the Seine, the cinemas and theatres in Paris are almost always a highlight. Romantics in particular get their money's worth when one of the French films is watched on a red velvet chair.

4. Enjoy the local cuisine

French cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. If you want to see it, you can do so in Paris, for example, in one of the many beautiful restaurants on Rue de la Huchette.

5. Drink a coffee

In Paris you will find not only the best food, but also the best coffee. In addition to the hot drink, cafés such as "Post Café" also offer local desserts such as creme Brélée. Délicieux!

6. Visit the Metro

Nowhere are past and present as close to each other as in the Paris Metro. The subway offers you a very special insight into the history of the city and lets you listen to street musicians at every corner.

7. Drinking a Kir Royal

The Kir Royal is probably the most famous liqueur ever. The drink, made from champagne and cassis, originates in France, so you should definitely try it. The cult drink is available in almost all Parisian bars and cafés.

8. Visit Disneyland Paris

With its myriad attractions, restaurants and souvenir shops, Disneyland Paris isn't only worth a trip for cartoonists. If you want to catch an exclusive view of the Eiffel Tower, you can do so on the "Tower of Terror" and get to know Paris from a whole new side at the same time. Discounted tickets can be obtained from the tour guide.

9. Visit the Louvre

The Mona Lisa is worth a visit to the Louvre alone. The museum also has a lot to offer with its valuable sculptures, paintings and exhibitions. Regular guided tours also provide interesting background information about the works.

10. Climbing the Eiffel Tower

It must not be forgotten during any visit to Paris: the Eiffel Tower. Especially at night it is a worthwhile destination and by looking at the city with all its facets the ideal conclusion to your Paris trip!