Houses of Garhwal #HiddenSpotsTripoto

31st Dec 2017
Photo of Houses of Garhwal #HiddenSpotsTripoto 1/2 by Rohit Jindal
Photo of Houses of Garhwal #HiddenSpotsTripoto 2/2 by Rohit Jindal

Traditional house in the lap of nature. These houses encountered on the trek towards Bhairav Garhi Temple in Kirtikhal, Uttarakhand, India. Bhairav Garhi is Shiva temple situated at Kirtikhal approx. 18 km from Lansdowne. To reach temple you have to climb approx. 2 km from Kirtikhal. I start travelling from Kotdwar around 9:00 am and reach here by 11:00 am. The scene en-route was mesmerizing. Wet path, Pine Trees. These houses don't have much facilities as in other big cities but still these houses are best with non polluted environment. Now a days most young people have left their homes for work. Only the elderly people of the family and those do not have any options remain stay in these houses. The people who have money are moving out to Pauri, Kotdwar, Dehradun and other cities. The main reason behind this is education, employment & transportation issues. Uttarakhand is a 17-year-old state and youngsters are the assets for the state. But sadly, they are moving out to cities and working for very less salary. Most of the houses on the way was locked and empty. Hence, I asked the reason to the local villagers. They said that from past few years they have witnessed a steady stream of migration among residents to bigger cities in search of employment, better education and healthcare. At the end i can say that the villagers living in such houses having healthy life with natural air, water & sunlight. They are living in very peaceful place far away from big houses in big cities. You can see cattle and sheep in every household. City people come here to breathe fresh air and have poison-free food. At the end we returned after spending few hours here in Bhairav Garhi temple with the memories i shared with you.