My Monsoon Escape - Why I Fell in Love With Travel in Rains


"Do you hear the rain? Do you hear the rain?" - Jessica Dubroff

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"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Sitting in my balcony and gazing at the clouds, sipping on my coffee is not what I yearn for. The pleasure lies in the escape and the smell of the rains.

Who likes sitting on the porch while it rains?

There is a separate allurement and chemistry between the rains and a traveller. Not many of us are convinced by the thought of travelling during the monsoons. Since rains in India are so unpredictable there are quite a lot of things to be taken care of while on a vacation. But this has a bigger secret treasure I found.

From witnessing the best sunrises to getting the hotels for cheapest price, you might be missing on alot. Here is why I feel rainy season is the best time to travel and to traverse a whole new journey of magic.

Avoid the crowd:

Every travel has a beautiful moment to cherish be it mountains or the beaches. But many times those minutes are spoiled by innumerable clicks and tourists with their annoying selfie sticks. Sometimes we have to struggle to witness that perfect sunset from a mountain top or to fight for that table in a cafe by the beach to enjoy your food with the view.

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You can enjoy some tranquil moments in solitude in your chosen destination, away from the prying crowds.

You can have a more intimate and peaceful experience at your favourite spot. Going in for early sunrises have always been the best amongst those special moments.

Nature at its greenest best:

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Visiting an evergreen place like Goa in rains is a completely mesmerising experience.

Nature comes to life, and forests and rivers swell with activity. From the rain-soaked streets to the dense hills everyone opens its arms wide to welcome the monsoons. The country turns into a lush paradise. Lakes and waterfalls are the most dynamic and breathing creatures. This is the best time to take that trip to the picturesque waterfalls, which have disappointed you round the year. Rains do magic on the colours in nature. Nature looks gorgeous once they have been washed clean by the rains. There are few gems which can be best explored during the rains. For example the Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa is a must-see during the monsoons and you also can hike to it.

The best deal:

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A rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at the office.

To get the best luxurious experience we always have to pay the premium at most of the hotels and resorts during the peak seasons. Rainy season is not a peak season for travel hence you get the best deals on food, accommodation and other activities. You end up saving a lot of money which could be utilised by you to travel some more. This is the best time for budget-conscious backpackers looking to keep expenses to a minimum while retaining comfort. Many hotels offer their rooms for a lower rate, often even for half the costs than in the main season. You can stay at boutique hotels or luxury resorts for low prices.

Let that kid out:

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"When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles." - Pooh Bear

This is the time to take that group trip with your crazy friends. You will enjoy the company and appreciate everything in nature around you carefree. The best time to share the fun getting drenched in the rains or play that tug of war with the winds snatching your umbrella by the beach. Playing on those small puddles on the road with no worries of people judging you around. Riding through the winding roads, as you brush away a few rain drops unselfconsciously from your face, all the while listening to the roaring seas in the background is an experience which can never be described in words.

The unpredictable rains:

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"Sunsets are my escape into reality I want to continuously live." - Rachel Roy

Rains in India are very unpredictable. It could happen in the morning, afternoon or night each day and there are some days when it may not rain at all. You can't trust the weather report blindly. Most of the times it fails to be 100% certain. When we visited Goa during August as per the weather report it was supposed to rain the next two days of our trip. But surprisingly the next day was very sunny.

Explore the unplanned way:

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Escape and breathe the air of new places.

Those of you who love to plan the vacations a month or year in advance, this can be the best way to enjoy the impromptu. Sometimes the last-minute change in plans lets you discover a hidden gem at your destination. Sometimes you might also extend your vacation, if you hear about a local festival or carnival happening in the town.

The picture-perfect frame:

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When it rains, I share my umbrella. If I have no umbrella, I share the rain.

For people who love to get clicked or the ones who love it behind the lens, its a treat for both. You can try out different frames with your best rain attire. Clicking with cloudy skies makes lighting more even and soothing. It gives more vibrant colours and details to the subject in the frame. The play with the cloud might result in pretty good clicks in the end.

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." - Bob Marley

Over the years, I’ve become convinced that rainy season is one of the best kept travel secrets out there. I now almost exclusively travel during rainy season, knowing I’ll see the most stunning natural scenery, have way more seclusion to get the best photos while saving on a lot of money.

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