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Hi Everyone

This is a post which was pending since long. When we think of Goa, first thing comes to mind is beaches, babes and booze. But mind you Goa is much more.

We are Goan and not Goanese.

Dont expect every girl to get laid with you. Goans respect girls.

We dont booze every day or rather the first thing we have in morning is tea or coffee and not beer. Not every person has booze while in Goa

We keep the place clean, our beaches and heritage sites are always kept clean and same is expected from the tourists.

We have lots of pubs and clubs in Goa, but that does not allow you to misbehave with other tourists and specially girls in such places.

We do have some beaches where privacy of tourists is maintained. We respect them so please being a domestic tourist, you respect theirs too.

Goa is not only about beaches. We have beautiful cultures too. Enjoy the churches, temples, forts, ferry, islands and cruises.

When there is a warning given by the guards to not enter the sea shore in rains. Listen to them. Guards are not fools and they know better about the security then you. Safety comes first and we care for tourists. We know you have spent 000's to come and see the beach. But when the tide is rough, be careful.

Fuel is cheaper compared to other states in India, but that does not mean, you can argue on petrol pumps to give you fuel in plastic bottles. It is illegal and we dont support illegal activities.

Do not throw flowers/fruits and anything even if you feel it is religious, in the river. We dont dirty water.

Two and four wheels are easily available on rent. But please follow traffic rules.

Please do not click pics of international tourists. They feel offended and we as Goan too.

Yes, we do have option of getting Portuguese passports rather dual citizenship. But not everyone is interested in getting the same. The reason being simple, we love India and India has lot of opportunities in every sector. Jobs and business sectors are booming like never before.

When in Goa, be Goan, but do understand first beforehand,how Goans are.. We are sushegaad and also we are happy to help and serve. Welcome to Goa.

**We means Goan