This is how I became an Instagram Influencer by just travelling

14th May 2012

Four years back when the social apps were gaining some interest from the users, I was curious to know how instagram influencers make money? Of Course everyone wants to transform their interest, their skills into a profession. Well it started in 2012 when I was in my college, where I gathered interest in visiting different places. Before I went to college, I never went on a long trip with someone other than my parents. I never got an escape from the thoughts that were built up in my mind. Just 2 months passed, and our first semester exams were approaching. There was a long que outside the college library and photo state shop. There was a girl from some society pasting ‘after semester trip’ posters on different walls of the college. The amazing part was that I didn’t pay any heed to the poster but to that girl who was pasting them. She was the reason why god should be thanked for his creation. She was beautiful. I was a little lost, staring unintentionally at her when she came near to me & handed over me the pamphlet for the trip.

The college got over and I went into some deep thoughts that night. To be honest, I read that pamphlet around 30 times. “Explore the city of beaches Goa @12,000 for 4 days!” & there was a barcode given to scan which directed to me Google form link & enquired for my details. I entered everything and thought to talk about it to my parents afterwards. It was late, hence I slept. Next day, my phone showed me around 123 messages on WhatsApp from a group to which I was added. I was added for the Goa trip in the college group. Believe me or not, I searched for that girl in the group, luckily, she was very active on sending out the messages and I saved her number. Well I don’t know much about tech algorithms and her suggestion was shown to me on every social media after that. I took it as a God’s sign! Haha!

Do you know the definition of infinity? That’s the number of times I stalked her. She had 4 albums on Facebook with 109 photos & 445 friends. Her Instagram was less popular than me with average likes of 40 and 238 followers, but she did give me butterflies.

Few days later, I got a call. Her name ‘Anshika’ was flashing on the screen. I had butterflies again. I stammered at hello. ‘Is this Gaurav?’ she asked. And it was the first I said ‘yes’ to her. She explained to me about the trip while I examined her voice. She asked me to join with the interested people in the second half at the college auditorium. I was excited and was well before time there. She was the only one there, preparing some sheets. We started a convo, and she initiated asking me why I was there before time, putting lame expressions that I was way too excited for the trip. I had a thought in my mind, Trip? I have to tell my parents about this. Everybody came into the auditorium and Anshika with 2 other friends explained about the trip that how we will travel by air for one side and come back via train. Well, the meeting went for an hour and for 45 minutes I stalked Anshika. Oh, for another 15 minutes, I actually heard what she said.

College was over for that day and I had continuously thought to talk to my parents while going back home. The main concerned person was my mom who might not allow me to go on a trip.

It was hard as coconut to convince her but I did some tricks. I was not excited for Goa but for going there with Anshika. I took emotional routes to convince my mother and she did allow me to go. I got a new trekking bag for my 1st individual trip with friends. Semester exams got over and we were ready to depart from Delhi to Goa. I took my DSLR for an outing too. As I was the first to register my name for the trip, Anshika and I got a seat together. Everything was going on my side. I initiated the conversations again and she did laugh at my silly jokes, haha. We became friends within an hour.

The story has suspense too, just wait for my next write up!