There is a Paradise in Gokarna!

15th Jun 2016

Until recently​, Gokarna was famous for its Shiv temple at the main Gokarna Beach. But soon hippie culture found a new home here in Gokarna. During winters, the peak season, a lot of foreign tourists surplus the otherwise usually scanty beaches of Gokarna. However, I would suggest you to consider visiting in rainy season as well because that's when western ghats are unbelievably beautiful. There are more than a dozen beaches here​,​ but only Kudle Beach and Om Beach are the commercialized ones. You won't even find shacks on other beaches.

Nirvana Beach in Gokarna, A 3 km long beach, and you're all alone! Feels Magical.

Photo of Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Gaurav Gupta

Do not miss Paradise Beach - This beach is not accessible easily. You have to trek about 3 km to reach here. I thought the way would be an easy one because the route was flashing on google map. I started the trek solo as it looked like​ an​ earthy​ ​road but halfway through the trek, I was in middle of dense Jungle. I was not regretting​ gone solo; If at all I had any regrets, it definitely wasn't going solo, but changing into half pants as I could hear the snakes rattle already.

The Route to Paradise Beach

Photo of Paradise Beach Trail, Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Gaurav Gupta

Heart Says:

Sometimes when you travel in ​the ​direction of your fears, you get to know where you're heading in life!

I marched ahead and after ​a ​few hundred steps, I saw the most beautiful beach ever of my life. Right down a 100 ft cliff, a neat and clean beach with golden sand, tremendous waves coming in their fullest might and a stormy sky! They call it ​the ​Shiva's own beach. And by principle he is the God of Destruction. The deadly sights and experiences this beach gave me, I truly felt like having found ​the ​abode of Shiva! I would recommend camping overnight here, the clear skies will give you ​the ​starry experience of ​ a ​lifetime.

The Cliff View of Paradise Beach

Photo of Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Gaurav Gupta

Paradise Beach

Photo of Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Gaurav Gupta

Try Kumta Beach -

I started at this beach. Glancing at the waves, I started walking in to the beach only to realize that I was surrounded by a colony of over a million crabs. I hail my woodland boots that I returned safely.

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Travel Tips

Best plan - Travel overnight on Friday.

Stay over a weekend. 2Days/1Night.

Get back by Monday morning.

To reach - Best option - Take a bus overnight.

Alternate - Western Ghat Railway.

Also - Easily accessible by Road

Trust Google Maps - 9/10

What to expect -

1. Clean and scanty beaches

2. Cheap accommodation and food

What not to expect -

1. Water sports

2. Historic monuments

Eat n Stay, Try -

1. Homemade Ice cream at Prema Restaurant at Gokarna Beach.

2. Namaste Cafe at Om Beach.

3. Zostel at Kudle Beach.

Avoid -

Getting any deeper into the sea; the waves are quite nasty here and there are no lifeguards.