Feel every effort that you made to reach the summit - The Indrahar Pass!

4th Jun 2020
Photo of Feel every effort that you made to reach the summit - The Indrahar Pass! by HIMANSHU DWIVEDI VLOGS

The Indrahar Pass is located at the altitude of 4,342 meters. Here I describe my trip to the Indrahar Pass. Last summer I went to the most difficult trek ever-The Indrahar Pass. This destination is off-beat because many people only trek to Triund only select few thrill-seeking chaps go to Indrahar Pass.
The Beginning
My trip began from Delhi, I was with my four friends. It was a budget backpacking trip just under 5K. We boarded the train to Pathankot at the night and reached the following day. We wanted to go to Kangra by toy train which was supposedly very slow-it took six hours and for comparison the bus would have taken only 1.5 hours; but it wasn't all that bad. We met a young fellow in his twenties and he was going back to his home in Kangra and he started to chat with us. We are still beginners as trekkers so he helped us with many basic things like what kind of food we should eat and advised us to stay hydrated. It was really good to befriend a complete stranger and later on he invited us to his house to have dinner. We decided to stay the night at his house after local sightseeing. We were very grateful to him and his family. The next day we took a bus to McLeod Ganj and thus began our trekking adventure. The moment we reached McLeod Ganj we decided to find a hotel, so instead of staying at McLeod Ganj we decided to stay at Bhagshu. The hotels were bit cheaper there. We decided to go for local sightseeing and planned to trek to Indrahar Pass the next day. The next day came-the weather was good and we started our trek to Indrahar Pass at five in the morning. From Bhagshu we decided to go on foot to the Glu Temple (Glu Temple is the place where trek to Triund starts). We started-off in high spirits and by twelve we reached Triund. The trek was not an easy one and we skipped the breakfast so we were all hungry. Food in the mountains is an expensive commodity-so we spent around thousand bucks on food. We stayed at Triund for two hours and began trekking to the Snowline Café. The trek is very steep and the rocks are slippery. We were not using professional equipment so we were concerned about safety and we were trekking slowly. It took us six hours to reach the snowline café and we were really tired. The day was over for us. The sun was about to set with only faint light visible and we joined the bon-fire that was lit by the café owners. The food choices that we get only include Maggie, eggs and rice.
Final Leg
We hired a guide to take us to the Indrahar Pass because navigation is difficult and very few people go there. Our journey began at the dawn. Each of us carried five water bottles and three Gatorade energy drink. There was no snow since we were trekking in summers so it was bit safer. The trek was incredibly difficult because our group was tired from the trekking of previous day somehow, we all continued walking. We took breaks-many breaks. It took us seven hours to reach the Indrahar Pass. We were above the clouds-literally. The trek not only breaks you physically it also breaks you mentally, so you need thrill-seekers with you-the one who do-not give up until they achieve what they desired. I wanted to quit many times when my legs won’t listen to me, my body didn’t want to move an inch but my incredibly motivated adventure junkies didn’t allow me to give up. I completed trek because of their motivation. The trek was really satisfying. I could see myself on top of the Great Himalayas. Later on, we met few-fellow trekkers who were climbing from the other side of the mountain. I only saw one more group while trekking down to the snowline café. That’s how rare it is.

I want to trek it again-this time in winters when it is all covered in snow.

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Triund top

Photo of Indrahar Pass by HIMANSHU DWIVEDI VLOGS

On the way to triund top

Photo of Indrahar Pass by HIMANSHU DWIVEDI VLOGS

On the way to indrahar pass

Photo of Indrahar Pass by HIMANSHU DWIVEDI VLOGS