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Indrahar Pass

Saikat Mazumdar
We started our day around 7am after having breakfast. As I started my trek after 15 minutes, I started feeling dizzy and I thought maybe I was trying harder. I rested a bit and fortunately it was getting better but the route was getting much difficult. I literally have to crawl my way even though one can find distorted steps made of rocks by the Gaddi shepherds. (A local tribe who travels each day across Indrahar pass over the snow and reach Chamba district on the other side). Halway through the trek, we have to cross a frozen waterfall which was very difficult because it is very steep and we have to made our way with axes to fir our shoes. One have to very careful because one wrong step and you can slide down almost 500m through the broken and slippery snow. Once we cross the snow, the rocky terrain continued. You can spot different species of ferns and flora (beautiful small yellow flowers surrounded our way). After bruising my elbow, slipping a lot more times than I expected I reached the top and the breathtakingly stunning from the top just worth every pain. Soon I traversed a bit sideways and reached the small mountain goddess placed at the top. It had taken 3.5 hours for me to reach the top from Lhasa caves. The other side was full of snow and there are no traces of any human as far as my eyes could see. I cherished the moment for some time and imbibed the fresh Himalayan air. One will literally feel above cloud nine here. The scenic view engulfed me and made me speechless. After some clicks I started descending downwards and it was not that easy as I expected. You need to have strong knees because it gets very strenuous to control your descent.
-INDRAHAR PASS - situated at Himachal Pradesh on Dhauladar range this pass is close to Dharmashala. This trek trail shows the Himalayan ranges, gives panaromic view of Dhauladhar, and other astounding Himalayan peaks. The Lahesh cave is a famous place of exploration for Trekkers. A four day trek is arranged starting from McLeod Ganj via Dhauladar range. It shows panaromic views, scenic marvels and opulent beauty of Himalayas. The best trekking season if from April to October. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -warm clothes-sleeping bags-water proof tent.
Bhuvan Bhuv
The last point of the Triund Trek.
Saurabh Jain
This is just a beginning to your freezing experience , you will see a beautiful Glacier with small Ice Caves(try not no enter in one of those, you may get bruises), but you can try to walk on it for a while...