Letters to Her ???? From Kaza

Photo of Letters to Her ???? From Kaza by deepjyoti_biswas
Letters to Her
I guess for the first time travelers visiting Spiti , one of the hardest lesson to learn will be the concept of vagabonding. Since there are so many amazing sights and experiences to grasp in, one might just run from point to point , to squeeze it in all. I too, can be blamed of it , three years back when I came , and was such a naive. Naive to realize the value of being here. It is not the amount of pictures I have from different villages from this region before I head back. The slow nuanced experience of a single place is always better than the hurried superficial experience of twenty places!
For this was the first time , I found the abondoned cliff top , behind the Kaza monastery, and finally gave a part of myself to it, to be gifted back, with one of the most beautiful view  of this town.
I guess Kaza did make me realize , what we almost always forget. We must always keep in mind , the whole point of traveling is having the time to move deliberately through the region , feeling it. Relocating , merely a portion of life to travel here , is not the answer. Kaza teaches you to rediscover the entire concept of time. We're mostly conditioned by our upbringing , to get to a point , to get things done , to favor achieving and reaching goals over moment to moment distinction. If we are unable to unlearn this , Spiti will remain unexplored , even if you have pictures and souvenirs from every village of this valley. 
And in understanding this , remains a lot of understanding of love too. If we measure our love for someone, with the concept of poccesion or relationship, by amount of physical presence or time spent together , selfies taken or dinner dates eaten , I guess we will be missing out on a major essence.
It will be more of , convincing ourselves , yes we are in love , rather than , being in it. More like showing off an adventure than really have lived it.
May be someday , we will sit here watching this endless plains of barren cold desert and this sleepy town, dangling our feet in air , and discovering , a newer perspectives to questions that Kaza keeps on popping into me. Till then , yes I miss you a lot!

Love and hugs,
From Kaza.
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Photo of Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India by deepjyoti_biswas