Welcome to Dr. Chicku's tips and tricks wardrobe😃🥰

8th Dec 2020
Day 1

Welcome to Dr. Chicku's tips and tricks wardrobe😃🥰

*Especially for students & the one who want to travel under budget.
Being a girl and a student with limited pocket money and indefinite urge to travel, I managed to travel Kinnaur Valley without being broke. Here's how:
Chitkul is India's last village and is maintained majoraly by the Indian army. The area being so seculeded still have best roads, because the BRO (border road organization) maintains them. It is a clean and calm place to be in. The perfect escape from the chaos and hush of the cities. The perfect place to reboot your self, this whole journey will just freshen up your mind and soul. Leaving you with the new excitement and creativity.

The best time to visit Kinnaur and Chitkul is from May to October.
All you have to do is to reach Shimla to smoothly start your journey.

Reach Shimla : By train or Bus from Delhi or Chandigarh (HRTC is the best option)
Shimla to Kinnaur: Bus from ISBT Tutikandi to Rampur, then to Reckong Peo or directly to Sangla.

YAYY👻 You have reached Sangla (Kinnaur), now -

Now here's the real tips :

1. On the first day directly go to Chitkul from Sangla bus stand. Take local bus or taxi lift to Chitkul. Spend the day there and come back to Sangla or you can stay in a camp at Chitkul.

2. Try to carry snacks with you, it will save your unnecessary expenses on the food, because food in local restaurants is little expensive, You have to use so much energy that you will surely feel hungry.
Take a steel water bottle, keep refilling it and keep yourself hydrated. It will help the locals keeping the area clean and a small contribution from your side towards eco-friendly tourism. You can refill the bottles from natural water sources. You should try it 😃 as the quality and taste of water is amazing there.

3. Always check with adjacent hotel's before booking one, bargain and ask for discount. Don't make them feel that you are a newbie visiting for the first time. Show confidence and u will surely crack a fantastic deal for the night😋. Or through some contacts you can manage to book the himachal tourism Guest house at Sangla. That is the best option you could get. Try to book them in advance or negotiate to allow you to stay. It would be best if you can book in advance of your journey. You can just visit their website and simple find an option for yourself or can contact over phone.

4. Bus service is limited, so sync your itinerary according to the timing of local buses. Once you are done with the sangla and Chitkul valley. Next day move further to Reckong peo again in HRTC bus from Sangla.

5. Reach Reckong Peo and take a bus to Nako village. Try to leave early morning. Spend your day exploring Nako village, Nako lake and sync timing with the buses. Come back to Reckong Peo in the last Bus from Nako.

6. Spend the night in Reckong Peo. Try to book the Himachal Tourism Guest House instead of hotels. They will save you a lot of money.

7. If wanna stay warm and enjoy being little tipsy. Try old monk, it is brewed in Himachal only so it's cheap in price and high in quality. FYI Old monk is a highly demanded whiskey world wide 😉. You can enjoy your Jam sessions with your buddies in style and also in your budget with the supreme quality.

8. Take a lift or bus to Kalpa next morning from Reckong Peo Bus stand. The fares in himachal road transport buses is very economical. If you will travel through these throughout your journey, I guarantee you will definitely save yourself with a huge amount. Take bus to Kalpa and visit the suicide point there. Take some mandatory pose photographs for your insta and facebook. Feel the veracity of these mountains but be cautious as it's a narrow road.

9. By evening come back to Reckong Peo and take the night bus back to Shimla and further.

10. To look stylish in the trip and not to overload your baggage. Here are few bonus tips:

Bring only one or two thermals or warm sweater and cover it with stylish t-shirts and jacket. Thermals are good at keeping you warm and won't make luggage too heavy.

Carry ziper jackets or sweatshirts instead of one big sweater. Layering of the clothes is a good option as the days are hot as compared to the night and you might want to take off these jackets. Layering add up to your style statement and convenience.

Carry sunglasses, Kinnaur is a picturesque place and sunglasses with only add on the effect for your pics.

Carry a good comfortable pair of shoes and lots of socks. You will have to walk a lot.

Try to carry a sling or waist bag instead of backpack while roaming. It will give you a different level of convenience.

When on halt, between the stations, like when you are traveling from Peo to Nako, you don't want to carry your whole luggage with you and don't have a room to keep your luggage. Go to the locker room in the bus stand. They will hardly charge you 100/200 bucks and will keep your luggage safe for the whole day.

Take lots of pictures and make some awesome memories

I went in October to explore this beauty Kinnaur. It was a perfect timing as the weather was not harsh on us . The time at which you are traveling really makes things sorted for us. As if you are not travelling in peak season you can get better deals, less crowd = the more you can explore.
*Bonus - if it is not chilling cold your luggage will thank you for not having to carry all those heavy jackets.

You have enough tips now😉, get up and pack that bag. See you in the next trip.

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Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku
Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku
Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku
Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku
Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku
Photo of Kinnaur by Dr Chicku