The Dream


I've been a travel addict since being a toddler,passed down the lineage i guess. the mountains every year tend to call me it seems .this trip,the trip to Shimla ,was a dream come true for me , i had been dreaming about this particular one since a very young age.

going to the station from home ,sitting in the train reaching the destination, had all become a blurred up memory the moment i stepped onto that wonderful land, my fairyland. breathing in its air,smelling its fragrance shimmied away all the stress of the long journey that i had been through. the earlier joyous toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla was just a prelude to what i was about to encounter

we had everything preplanned,the hotel bookings,our number oof days to stay there etc. the ride from the station to the hotel was as mesmerising as it could have been,the mountains,the little waterfalls , the roads , the weather evrything there had something enchanting about itself.

the mall road was my first destination and that place was everything yet nothing as i had imagined it. i lovedthe people upthere, so friendly ,so beautiful. next day had a trip planned to kufri and that place was like some wonderland. reaching the main highlands was really a treacherous path,riding the horse that would seem to slip down the ridge every other second but once u reach the top ,u forget everything.the snow , the sledging there and the best of allthe hot ,maggie that u get to eat up there is just a plain joy.

jakhu hills were our first stop the next day and what a mesmerising view do they provide of the land,its simply on the mall road , posing for the photos infront of the post office (;)) and obviously infront of the majestic Christ Church were some of the memories to cherish forever.visiting the sanjauli , the IIAS , the sanket mochen temple,it was all just amazing

being a class 10 girl at that time, i didnt how badly i had gotten attached to that beautiful land. now some 3 or 4 years later i still distinctly remember the smells of that place,the beautiful views it had .i do hae a kin of a hangover about it but yes am oretty sure i'll be visiting this place really soon some time in near future.