The road to Malana

Photo of The road to Malana by Hitesh Bhutani

I started my day in Manikaran in the morning and had an amazing Langar at Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib and left such a beautiful place as it was the last day of my journey. I decided to go to Malana first before returning back home. It's only around 25 kilometers from Manikaran and further almost 1 hour of trekking. I had no intention of going to the village itself but instead I thought of going till the point where the road ends.

Photo of The road to Malana 1/14 by Hitesh Bhutani

I started from Manikaran at around 11'o clock and Malana was not very far from Manikaran. I already had a notion that the road isn't going to be good because it hasn't been good in this region so I didn't expect to cover this 25 kilometers in an hour. I knew it was going to take much more than that. I had to cross Kasol and reach Jari from where there's a turn to the right which leads straight to Malana. I was very excited to go because I've heard about Malana a lot. Although I wasn't going there exactly but the excitement was nonetheless.

Photo of The road to Malana 2/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Some guy was going and captured this picture. I saw him capturing and requested him to share the picture with me. And he did. Kudos

Till Kasol and Jari, the drive was along side the beautiful Parvati river and I was moving at a speed of almost 20 to 25 kmph. The road was of such kind that I couldn't go faster but I was really enjoying this speed because I could admire the nature while going slow. There were amazinly tall trees trees on the both sides of the road. I could recognize Deodar trees, probably there were more species. Soon, I reached Kasol and it was a very happening town. People were roaming around indulged in surroundings. Kasol is expanded very much and there are many camps and resorts in the outskirts. So, as soon as I left Kasol, I didn't feel like leaving it behind and I found myself at the very turn just before Jari and I fould myself on the road to Malana after taking the turn.

As soon as I took the turn, I found myself crossing the bridge over Parvati river and I could see river coming from afar and green trees on both the shores and in the distant I could see the snow capped peak. The sun was up so the water was also shiny and I so much loved it.

Photo of The road to Malana 3/14 by Hitesh Bhutani

I stopped here for five minutes and then went on further ahead. As soon as I crossed the bridge there was good ascend of the road and I love going uphill because there is much more control in riding uphill than in downhill and I can bend more on the curves. So now, I was driving along side the Malana river and just after few kilometers I realized the river is so much below from the road. The depth of the trench was definitely more than 100 meters for most of the time.

Photo of The road to Malana 4/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Waterfall on the opposite hill. Full zoom of 55-250 mm lens
Photo of The road to Malana 5/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
This shot was captured at full zoom of 55-250 mm lens
Photo of The road to Malana 6/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Love <3

Soon, I reached the entrance gate of Malana Hydroelectric Power Plant which is 7 kilometers from Malana Village. Till now, the road has proved me wrong and it was comparatively good to drive on. Although, it was a bit dangerous as the width is not much and the depth below was a lot. But it was going like an amazing ride for me. The scenery completely changed as I moved just 1-1.5 kilometers ahead of this gate. The river was almost dried at this part and the mountain seemed to be very rocky. But it was amazing and there were also a few waterfalls as well. One particular waterfall was spectacular, the water was flowing from amazing height just by the road and I stopped there. There was a small rainbow also at the bottom, the water was completely chilling. It was lovely.

Photo of The road to Malana 7/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Photo of The road to Malana 8/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Dancing after seeing such a beautiful waterfall 

Now, I was getting close to Malana and the road was almost broken now. I didn't see much vehicles throughout the road, so I suppose not much people visit this place. After some time I finally could see the Malana village on the mountain right in front of me. It looked so close and yet it was so far. I could see the trail for the Malana village. It looked like that it was almost 1-1.5 kilometers but it was good ascend. But the road didn't end here. So I kept going.

Photo of The road to Malana 9/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Malana village and the pathway
Photo of The road to Malana 10/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
The path seems to be rocky !!

As I move ahead I encountered snow patches on the sides of the road. I got excited. And then I reached the Malana reservoir where the road ends. There were good amount of snow present here.

Photo of The road to Malana 11/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Photo of The road to Malana 12/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Melting Snow

Also, I could see some huts in the distant ahead of the reservoir and just above that there was a snow capped mountain, it really looked beautiful. I inquired there and got to know that that is a valley called Magic Valley. And I clicked some pictures with a decision to come back for Malana and Magic Valley soon.

Photo of The road to Malana 13/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Magic Valley in distant
Photo of The road to Malana 14/14 by Hitesh Bhutani
Closeup of Magic Valley