To the people of mountain: HEAR

30th Sep 2020
Photo of To the people of mountain: HEAR by Akshit Gupta
Day 1

This is a piece written by me. Through this piece I want to share the inner anguish and turmoil that I go through when I see that the entire process of travel has taken away the essence of life of the people of mountains and it is they who are to blame for it and nobody else. This is an attempt to just put my feelings of chiding the people who consider mountains their safe haven. Oh! Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja.

Where is the calm that once pervaded
With their money and their cars
They ride all the way to the untouched
The way of life is blemished
The simplicity forgotten
The innocence of smiles stolen away

And you give in like a coward
Cowering in pride of the money you earn
You who takes it, Answer
Is this what the elders whispered and taught?
Is this what you learnt and forgot?

Do the eyes not remember the days of yore
When they rambled and roamed free
And today, all that lurks greed.

Chide away this bearing
It is not yours
Ask: whence it came from
And truth shall befall before you
Then tune into the songs of the birds
And the fragrance of the earth
Rythm your heart and talk to the mountain
In quitetude hear yourself.

PS: I am a person who has his hometown in Shimla and five generations of my family have considered the mountains their home,their everything.