11 Indian Places With Unfortunate Names That Will Make You LOL

Photo of 11 Indian Places With Unfortunate Names That Will Make You LOL by Kanj Saurav

Yes, the government is on a spree to rechristen Indian cities with more sanskari and parivarik (you know who) names. But there is an entire list of places which really need to get a new name because they deserve one. And if they don't, you can go to these places to get baffled and make your Insta audience go crazy. Here are some places in India which have terribly unfortunate names:

1. Lolpur- Located just next to Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, Lolpur laughs in the face of the ongoing name changing fiasco.

Credits: Sarthak Tripathi

Photo of Lolpur, Uttar Pradesh, India by Kanj Saurav

2. Tatti Khana- No Hindi Speaker will ever want his address here in this Telangana town.

Photo of Tatti Khana, Telangana, India by Kanj Saurav

3. Kala Bakra- Finally, a place dedicated to the supremely powerful clan of black goats. Are humans allowed? Yes, the goats are merciful in this locality close to Jalandhar, Punjab.

Credits: Wikipedia

Photo of Kala Bakra, Punjab, India by Kanj Saurav

4. Pimple Saudagar- If this place's name is based on a person who traded pimples for money, he would definitely belong to a universe of anti-cosmetics. But surprisingly, this is very close to Pune.

Photo of Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra, India by Kanj Saurav

5. Chinchpokli- The next time you call someone Chinchpokli, they are probably not going to like you. But people have been calling this place in Mumbai with the same name since very long. Interestingly, it means the valley of tamarind trees.

Credits: Wikipedia

Photo of Chinchpokli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Kanj Saurav

6. Khara Patthar- As the name suggests, huge rocks stand at the edges of the scarily steep road in the east of Shimla district. The rock might stand tall, but when there are landslides here, some vehicles do not.

Photo of Kharapathar - Patsari Road, Himachal Pradesh, India by Kanj Saurav

7. Cumbum- If you happen to be an engineer who makes their way to US from this place in Tamil Nadu, be ready for heavy embarrassment.

Credits: Puthiyathalaimurai.com

Photo of Cumbum, Tamil Nadu, India by Kanj Saurav

8. Titwala- Say it out aloud- I am a Titwala, and people will never agree that you are a decent person unless you are from this town, close to Mumbai, itself.

Credits: Wikipedia

Photo of Titwala, Maharashtra, India by Kanj Saurav

9. Merapani- Sounds like the bordering town where two states had a water dispute. This place in Assam borders Nagaland.

Photo of Merapani, Assam, India by Kanj Saurav

10. Cockburn Road- In the middle of Bangalore, there is this street with this violent name. Thankfully, nothing literal happens here.

Photo of Cock Burn Road, Sulthangunta, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Kanj Saurav

11. AchanakMar- Be really wary of this place in Chhattisgarh where the locals might be into some intense Guerilla warfare and may attack you suddenly. The locals here happen to be tigers and other wild animals, so that is quite likely too.

Photo of Achanakmar, Chhattisgarh, India by Kanj Saurav

Do you know of any other funny places in India? Tell us in the comments below.

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