2019- A year of East-West-North-South

6th Nov 2019
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It's the end of another decade. Being a single girl in her late 20s gives you a lot of pressure from relatives, friends and parents. The constant question - "Shaadi kab Kar rhi ho? (When are you getting married?)" and "Koi hai to bata do (Let us know if you have someone in your life)" haunts every now and then. To rejuvenate myself from such awkward, unanswered, open questions I made a decision - Let's make 2019 the best year of my life!!!


This was the most awaited trip since it was planned in 2018. The college friends planned a reunion on a foreign land. We explored Bhutan in February.

- It made me realize that even if you meet your friends after years, nothing changes.

- It was my first international trip(not counting Nepal).

- I realized our group can beat anyone in Baraati dance.

- I met such warm and sweet people like our guide Sonam bhaiya.

- I learned to never go on a trek without eating anything or carrying food. It can cost you a lot.

- I realized how important is ginger is for tea.

- I experienced snow for the first time.

- I experienced snowfall for the first time.

- It made me realize how a week can also be so short.

Photo of 2019- A year of East-West-North-South by LifeofaTravelGirl

- I got a glimpse of emotional goodbyes.


It all started with a new year trip which I took with my colleagues. We traveled to 3 places in Rajasthan - Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner. It was a first in many aspects.

- I owe a lot to that trip as well as people on the trip.

- I experienced road trip for the very first time.

- I learned how best friends can tell stories and make you feel how boring your childhood has been.

- I traveled to Rajasthan for the very first time.

- I stayed in tents in Khuri dessert camps.

- I got a chance to have a camel ride.

- I realized I can be a good navigator.

- I realized how one can lose a car ;) and then not get it back by mere distance calculations.( Long story, inappropriate for this post)

- It taught me the worst and best that can happen in any situation.

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- It taught me how to fight and make up.

The next trip was to Amritsar. It was special on its own.

- I traveled with a travel company alone.

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- I experienced hostel for the first time.

- I made a friend on the trip.

- I got a chance to see Vicky Kaushal at few meters.

- I saw Varun Dhawan perform live.

- I experienced the best parade of my life.

- I experienced the warmth in the lights of Golden temple.

Another trip that took a lot of courage to take up was Jaipur.

- I traveled solo for the very first time.

- I got a chance to drive scooty all around the city.

- I met many other travelers from India and outside and shared so many experiences.

- I got a chance to ride an elephant.

- It boosted my confidence as a traveler.


The trip to Tirthan Valley was booked 2 days before the day of the trip.

- I realized what wonders can a camera do while capturing place like Tirthan.

- I experienced an all girls trip. This being just two of us.

- I learned that I am scared of bus accidents like hell.

- I experienced the best stay with river flowing outside my stay.

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- I got the closest to nature in years. With very few travelers, this place is so fresh and non-commercialized.


The college gang once again made a brave attempt to go for a trip. This time it was Madhya Pradesh.

- I realized how much I miss them.

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- I learned how small cities turn out to be the best travel destination owing to low rush.

- I got a chance to travel in public transport to almost all places.

- I woke up before sunrise.

- I realized the level of non-sense we do as a group is increasing with each trip.


- I came to know that language is not a barrier if you have the will to explore.

- I met so helpful people to helped me find the public transports and other means of transport easily.

- I understood November can be summer to some people in India :)

This year ended with a friendly re-union and a trip to the French capital of India- Pondicherry.

- Meeting a long lost friend after a long time is always a blessing.

Of course, the constant nagging continued even from friends- "Bhut ghum rhi (travelling a lot!)" , "Bhut paise aa gye hai(You have got a lot of money)", to be true everything is worth it!! This year turned out to be even better than what I planned. I planned, some plans executed, some failed. This was the biggest lesson. Goa plans are as always a never ending IN THE MAKING trip.

So lets keep moving, keep hustling and learn something new in 2020. Happy New Year to everyone reading!

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