8 Hidden Luxurious Retreats To Blow Your Mind


Satpura, 200 km from Bhopal, is one of the finest locations for wildlife sightings, which is quite unexplored, therefore definitely a delight! Denwa Backwater Escape is a literal escape from the troubles of the world into a fairyland that showcases mesmerizing backwaters of Denwa River. The property is stretched out into 10 acres of forest land along the river. The forest is just across the river and one has to take a boat to reach there. The place offers an outstanding view of the jungle, river and Pachmarhi hills.

Photo of Denwa Backwater Escape - Satpura National Park, Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

This elegant camp comprises of two sections, 9 suites each, located on the banks of Banjaar River and providing a clear view of the expanses of the forest. The magnificent bamboo floors, locally crafted furniture, gorgeous wall panels and the exotic handcrafted stuff speak about its distinctiveness. The place results in a perfect combination of classic and contemporary!

Photo of Banjaar Tola, Manjitola, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

Listed as one of the best by CNN 2015, Samode Safari is a gateway to tranquil, luxurious and spacious villas, with the highest propensity of spotting a Tiger. Amidst the laudable architecture based out of colloquial interest, Samode is a high-end extravagant lodge, setting benchmarks for unrivaled luxury and hospitality.

Photo of Samode Safari Lodge, Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

The name of this place is a striking derivation from the Mahua tree, also known as the butter tree. This lodge sprawls across 40 acres of land and is located just 20 minutes away from the park. The mates here are ardent nature followers and, therefore, the natural walks and bird sightings are highly regarded. The cottages are built, keeping in mind the rich heritage and culture of this place, thus a gorgeous mash-up of art can be seen here.

Photo of Mahua Kothi, Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

These aesthetically pleasing tree houses, which often merge into the jungle, will offer you a perfect gateway to relive your childhood fantasy. Outlining and bringing a combination of customary wilderness living and contemporary style, the tree houses are independent and make an impeccable get away for people who are particular about privacy and solitude.

Photo of Tree House Hideaway - Bandhavgarh National Park, Tala, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

Awarded with a certificate of excellence, Kanha Earth Lodge is a notable delight. The specialty of this lodge lies in the strong influences of the Gond tribe, facilitating the visitors with spacious veranda, making the entire place environmentally sensitive. It is located at just the right distance from the forest; not too far to let go of the natural serenity and not too close to witnessing the over crowdedness. 30 minutes from Kisli Park, this place is a lodging prodigy.

Photo of Kanha Earth Lodge - Kanha National Park, Narna, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

During the months of July- October, this place appears to be like a rustic caravan of those who come here to visit the wilderness. Its open, naturally distinctive suites and breezy visitor zones make a wondrous beginning for your trip into nature. This place is named after the ruler of India’s wildernesses (Bagh-Van; Bagh being tiger and van being jungle). This special natural life experience is supplemented by lavish housing, warm administration and tasty provincial cooking served in an exotic setting!

Photo of Baghvan Pench National Park - A Taj Safari Lodge, Dharna Kalan, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa

This sprawling property of 190 acres is an enigmatic charisma that comprises of cascading swimming pool, luxury cottages, outdoor machan, guest courtyard and ample of things that will keep you well occupied. These houses are the kinds they show in television, purely magnanimous and made of out of uneven slates, extremely distinctive of any other place in the entire vicinity. On the outside, the whole place looks sturdy, but on the inside they are delightfully sleek and opulent. You got to be here at least once.

Photo of Pashan Garh, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, India by Tanushree Patwa