Bali.. The Jewel of Indonesia

3rd Oct 2016
Photo of Bali.. The Jewel of Indonesia by Travel Fanatic
Day 1

Hello Readers, today let me take you through my travel experience of Bali, the mesmerizing location of Indonesia. I had a beautiful flight from Mumbai - Kuala Lumpur - Bali which was a very economical and a good one by Malaysian Airlines. It was a beautiful flight journey to the Far Eastern Beauty, Indonesia. I arrived at the airport and had my transfers set to the Hotel Ibis Benoa Bali. The best part about Indonesia is the VOA [ Visa on Arrival ] facility Indians have got, I am unaware about the other countries. I got a very good deal on this hotel but a constrain is that, guests can only avail Breakfast facility here. Lunch and Dinner has to be availed via Ala - Carte or by own. So I chose Ala - Carte for the dinner.

Day 2

Good Morning !! So today was my adventure day as I headed to the Ayung River for White Water Rafting and enjoying to the fullest. I had my Lunch there which was arranged near Ayung River at the Restaurant and spent a good time here. I was back to the Hotel. Dinner I had at a local vendor and tried the Far East food in Veg. It was scrumptious and after a nice adventurous day on can enjoy the binge on one.

Day 3

Hello ! Good Morning !! Today I headed to the Kintamani and had a view these mountains. It was my first sight of these Volcanic lithospherical beauty. I had a short cycling experience around this beautiful area. I enjoyed a few excursions around and also on the way I had my lunch. It was around 3 - 4 PM. So I decided to end the day and reach back to the Hotel. I enjoyed my dinner in the Hotel and was off to sleep.

Day 4

Good Morning !! Today was my trip planned towards Jailuwih. I proceeded there at Jatiluwih and again it was mesmerizing to see the green beauty which was untouched and kept intact and no industrialization stuff damaged it. I enjoyed the cycling around Jatiluwih and Enjoying the Rice Paddy fields. Brilliant to see the Rice Padding Terraces and the way their agriculture activity is done. I also had Lunch in these areas and by late noon I was off towards Hotel.

Day 5

Today was quite a fine day in the Morning. I did not chose to go out due to the Sunny Weather. I had planned to visit the Benoa Beach which was closer to my Hotel and also have some activities been indulged into.. So I had lite food and proceeded ahead to these. A late noon spent in such a scene is some feeling which cannot be put in words, ahead I enjoyed the Uluwatu Kecak Dance which was again something that Balinese Culture Speaks for ! Best part about the Uluwatu is, its located on a cliff and below the cliff is the ocean on the feet of cliff. Its divine and beautiful here ! Then it was somewhere 7 or 8 in the Evening I was free and had my Dinner back in hotel and rest.

Day 6

Good Morning.. The divinity in me was pouring and asking me a bit more, so I planned to head to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park which is associated the the Vahana of Lord Vishnu. The eagle also the Garuda which is a breathtaking monument here. I spend a good time here. I headed onto the Pandawa Beach and I loved the way these cliffs admist the sea look. The way winds have weathered and shaped it into a new texture. It looks amazing and the blue sea, or scientifically the pure sea which reflects the sky. It was just breathtaking there.. It was a cozy noon and I also had spa been done there in Bali.. Trust me ! Nothing is heavenly than this.. I headed back to hotel in evening and just had a very pleasant baby like sleep.

Day 7

Good Morning.. !! I was feeling quite lazy today and felt like spending the whole day just idle on the balcony. But it would be boring step I'd take.. So I proceeded today at the Bajra Sandi Monument and again this one is mesmerizing. One can click alot of photographs of this location. In the evening I spent the time at the Kuta Beach and indulged in the rocking nightlife here. Again, that is beautiful because the crime rate is very low.. As far as I saw, I was lucky to be in an atmosphere full of enjoyment and fun.

Day 8

Again a very scenic day as I proceeded to the Marine Park and had a view of the exotic Marine Life and the stuff they have made over there. Now I had plans to move towards Ubud, Ubud is like a foreigner buddy to Munnar. But has some distinctiveness and a bit of difference than Munnar. Its not true to compare any two destinations as each one has their own flavor and essence to offer. I started quickly with the Monkey Forest, Saraswati Temple, Ubud Palace, Campuhan Walk and did not went much but loved the greens all around and ended with the Owlhouse art. I spent a really good time here but also I felt I missed alot due to too many things I added onto one day at Ubud, but this place deserves a good 2 or 1 Night stay to enjoy its essence.

Day 9

Again Today my tour was a bit longer than expected as I had plans for Gili Trawangan and one needs to opt only for a boat towards Trawangan. But once you reach, its absolutely exciting here. I felt I needed to give it a day or two night stay to enjoy the essence of it. But I planned to enjoy it be starting from the Batu Balong Temple, Tiu Pupus, Elephant Park and end with the Sengiggi Beach. I proceeded back to the boat point to head back to the Hotel. Yet I had some time left to visit the Borobudur Temple and head back home. I started immediately with the packing. I did not even had time to sleep, as I had my flight after 23:59 Hours that's the Day 10 I was spending in Bali.

Day 10

My day began with the Take-off sound early morning, I had a flight from Bali - Cochin. Again my traveler heart was not just fine with Bali. So I had my train from Ernakulam that is a Railway station in Cochin City. I boarded the Trivandrum Rajdhani and got down at Vasai Road. I met a all my friends on the way and said them I came from Bali into Rajdhani :P :P.. But I had a brilliant sleep which added one more day to my travel. So I reached on Day 11 at my place. :D

Day 11

Finally Home :P

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