Best Photography In India That Will Make You Rethink Your Impression of the Country


Mystical and spiritual, chaotic and confounding, India is a land of rich contrasts. For thousands of years, many have willingly left the comforts of their home and set off across this spiritual land. However, few may beg to differ when it comes to applauding India's beauty. They fail to acknowledge the timeless mystery and beauty of India, of the mighty Himalayas, Thar Desert, the backwaters of Kerala and the streets of Delhi. To them, the Future of tourism in India is bleak. But here is some of the best photography in India to show anyone who disses India’s beauty, after all a picture’s worth a thousand comebacks.

Best Photography In India That Will Leave You With Wanderlust

1. We greet one another, with folded hands because we believe God resides in the heart of every human being – something that you see in the best photography in India

2. A culture, which does not have a nonverbal way to express 'no.' We believe in hospitality as a sign of respect, and will always find a way to make things work, as seen in the best photography in India.

3. India - A land where the mind is without fear and the head is held high!

4. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Learn it from the best photography in India!

5. Sit, relax and take a moment to notice, the beauty of the Indian trees. Sit and take a look, at the best photography in India.

6. Rich heritage and unparalleled culture, India's unity in diversity is still being looked at with awe by the entire world.

Photo of Best Photography In India That Will Make You Rethink Your Impression of the Country 6/14 by Gunjan Upreti
Credits: Google

7. Whether one is watching a thrilling thunderstorm or looking up at a mighty tree, the experience of observing nature in India through the best photography in India, is thrilling.

8. Have you ever walked on the Indian path of capacious imagination, which is full of desires?

9. Because Indians know that a certain amount darkness is needed to see the stars.

10. There are few things more magical than looking out the window from your house and discovering a heavenly sight!

11. Words cannot describe the landscape of India, so long and so wide. So pure and so white, as seen in the best photography in India.

12. India's strength lies in its commitment to equal rights for every citizen, irrespective of religion.

13. Time spent in India is time spent realising that you don't know it all and that you never will.

14. Lay yourself upon the ground. Take a moment to inhale, and listen to Nature tell her tale through the best photography in India.

From ocean depths to mountain peaks, everything in India moves and speaks. And if next time you hear someone pooh-poohing India, you know that in all possibility, they are the problem and not our thrilling and challenging country. Share this article with all your friends, so that everyone across the universe realises how brilliant India truly is!

To all the photographers who have clicked the best photography in India pictures and made this post possible, Two words: Endless gratitude and Thank you! All of you score phenomenally high in the kind-o-meter. Seriously.

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