Bike trip to meghalaya in August

15th Aug 2018
Photo of Bike trip to meghalaya in August by Abhinash Agrawal

We started @8 in the morning to KrangShuri waterfall. The place you can see above falls in between pynursla -> dawki way where we tried our hands with some shots. The backside of this structure, you can get a panaromic view of the highway which you are using.

We skipped dawki as the water was not so clear due to rain and straight away headed towards krangshuri. On our way, we found quite a number of waterfalls. I have added some images below.

First waer fall. This comes just before reaching the village Dawki.
Second waterfall, falls on the way to krangshuri after leaving dawki.
Krang shuri waterfall

We reached Krang Shuri @1 p.m. after lunch. There are actually two hilltop parkings available at krangshuri. The road for the parking gets divided at amlarem itself. If you are planning to camp beside the krangshuri waterfall, then take the road towards Jowai from amlarem. The parking guys are the volunteers of the krangshuri restaurant(present beside the fall) owner. You need to leave your worry and your vehicle at the top of the hill and trek down 200~300 steps to reach krangshuri. Also, I have added a photo of krangshuri below. We enjoyed the fall in the evening. The sky was so clear at night that you can just sit back and spend whole night looking at the stars with the pleasant sound of water flow. Went to bed @8 p.m.

Next morning, we had the best experience of our trip. You can see the cover image of this blog for the same. I have added the video experience of the same above. The people and cost of krangshuri is awesome. They provide 500/night a tent and has a variation of food like pudi vagi, bread butter, rice and so many vegetables which is not available anywhere during your journey from pynursla to krang shuri. Soon we had to leave for Nongriat, the famous double decker bridge destination. So we left around 12 a.m. and reacher Tyrna village at around 6:30 p.m. On my way, i had some awesome experience shared as photos below.

Near pynursla

And here we are at Tyrna village, the starting point of double decker bridge. We retired at around 8 p.m. after having 4 maggie noodles which was the only available option there.

I waked up in Tyrna with this view in front.

Some of the bridges during the double decker bridge trek

And finally we came back to top at around 5 p.m after having a refreshing bath at double decker swimming pool. Then we left for sohra and stayed there only. We visited another water fall on our way back as you can see below. It is very close to sohra which is mostly used for bath/cloth cleaning by the localites.

Day 1

Visit my YouTube channel to see the beautiful frames in motion.

A view of guwahati above the clouds

Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by Abhinash Agrawal

Normally, if you are visiting in a group of 4~5,then travel becomes less hectic and cost effective also. But instead of asking friends to join us in here, we decided to go on our own and made it cost effective as well. Among 21k, 10k is the flight charges we beared and rest is the travel cost from guwahati to guwahati.

We started from Kolkata on 15th of august at 06:40 a.m. Reached guwahati at 07:50 a.m. Straight away went to wanderlust bike rentals. And when i talked to the owner(whatsApp-703537770) of wanderlust, all my tiredness faded away. He is such an amazing person and very supportive. His bike costs are also very nominal. we took an Honda Activa @400/day for 5 days. 1500 rs security deposit made the total payment 3500. He also accepts payTM, no worries. Started the bike trip @10 a.m. We got fresh and had breakfast at Jorabat at around 11 a.m. Headed towards Pynursla. On our way, we visited the famous Umiam lake.

Some place between shilong -> Pynursla
Day 2

This place comes on the way to Pynursla from Shilong. Gives such a picturesque view of the road and stream. we reached this place at around 4 p.m. and after clicking some shots here, departed for Pynursla. We reached there at around 6 p.m. Had a cup of tea. At 8, dinner and then retired for the day.

Day 3

Also we had this redish light view before reaching sohra(cherapunji)

Just before sohra
Day 4

It costed around 500 for the stay @tyrna. And then we started our journey towards famous double decker. Though we were not much excited about the double decker, we were much interested in the journey which became an extremely tired one due to the peak sunlight. I am sharing below some photos which we have taken during the double decker journey.

Living root bridge just before the double decker, near serene home stay, Nongriat.
Day 5

Next day we departed for guwahati early morning after having breakfast at our stay(D-Cloud Guest House) @800/night. We visited some view point during our way back home.

Tyngam masi view point, sohra

And after having a full day bike ride, we finally reached guwahati at 6 p.m. Then finally back home at 11 p.m.

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