Celebration of Life through Stones 

10th Apr 2017

Nowhere in the world, has stone put so much life into it, where it carries the beliefs, dreams, ambitions & realizations of a culture in its solidity. Stone- being a long-lasting material given preference to portray the ideas of eternity- reserved for gods, but it also depicts transient aspects of life-characters, stories, emotions, relationships, landscapes, flowers and what all one could imagine.

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  1/7 by Aditya Nigam
Carvings in interior of the Shrine Hall-Sun Temple,Modhera

India houses some of the astonishing marvels carved out of stone. The count doesn't rest at only Ellora,Khajuraho,Mahabalipuram or Konark but also goes through Gujarat-enshrined with step-wells and temples. Patan and Modhera-close to Ahemdabad,are convenient destinations to watch the glory of Indian architecture.

Rani ki Vav, Patan

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  2/7 by Aditya Nigam
Rani ki Vav: The Grand Opera of Gods

Located 130 km NW of Ahemdabad,Rani ki Vav, Technically, just a place to fetch water from ground but in reality it’s a replica of an entire mythological universe to convey the greater truths of reality- different levels-base for different views, steps- diverse ways to approach to a destination and intermingling of different geometrical forms (Square and Circle in plan)

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  3/7 by Aditya Nigam

As any other Indian temple, this step well (Baoli) too has dramatic sets of gods. The deep step well has four tiers connecting bridges, with each level directing the focus to the Vishnu, placing him in the central innermost part at each level.

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  4/7 by Aditya Nigam
You can see Sheshshayi-Padmanabh Vishnu (Vishnu lying on Sheshnag with Lotus blooming from her navel) in the very central- in a ‘dark & secretive’ chamber.

Sun Temple, Modhera 

Modhera is known for its Sun Temple and the temple is known for being situated right in front of a Step-well- known as Surya-Kunda. 

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  5/7 by Aditya Nigam
Impressive East facing temple with step-well, exhibits distinct Solanki architectural style developed in Gujarat.
Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  6/7 by Aditya Nigam
Assembly Hall (Sabha Mandapa): the most intricately carved part of the temple complex.

Like Khajuraho and Konark , the outer face of the temple walls exhibits erotic figures. Some figures can be seen on columns inside the Shrine Hall.

Photo of Celebration of Life through Stones  7/7 by Aditya Nigam
Little adobe of gods: One of the two broken Toran pillars

Patan and Modhera are excellent spots to visit stone artistry and can be covered in a day trip from Ahemdabad or Mehsana.