Day Drive to Horsley Hills

22nd Feb 2020

Rolling Hills in B&W

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Edit: The below trip was before pandemic and all the tourism restrictions, some businesses might have closed as well but please have a look at latest google reviews to gain a better understanding. Below was my experience pre-pandemic.

Here's how I stumbled upon it, whats a good place for a day drive from Bengaluru wherein you don't have to cross the city traffic and catch the sunset. I stay in Whitefield, so Bangloreans, you know what I mean.

So here I was, honestly lazy on a Saturday and started around 11:45 AM, with 2 challenges in mind, capture something nice and great and go on my first long drive with car on mountain curves (test my skills as I learnt how to drive a couple of months before)


1. Grab your lunch before, when you are either in Bangalore or nearby, the place is in Bangalore-Kadappa Highway and is a state highway with not many food options either there or even in destination.

2. Wear shoes, the place is rocky and is alcohol permissible so glass pieces everywhere on the rocks

3. Roads are not that great and is a 2 way state highway which means high beams at night, folks who don't like it, please plan accordingly. A lot of the state highway is non illuminated and through fields, so you may feel a little insecure. My personal recommendation would be - avoid driving in night time after sunset for your own safety.

4. This at most is a day or a one night stay trip if you want to get a glimpse of sunrise and sunset both. There is a zoo and park but it did not appeal to me.

Start of the trip, I took the Kolar Highway and then after around 10-15 kms there is a left which connects to the state highway of Andhra Pradesh.

I had one fuel stop and rest was a non stop ride except in the place where it was through a village and when you are relying on google maps and there are too many turns, it just leaves you confused, so I had to make a little stop to make sure I was on right road.

I reached the turn for Horsley Hills around 330 PM and after that started the hairpins, 6 of them as far as I can remember but the drive is scenic

Photo of Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh, India by Anirban Banerjee

On the way to the top you come across a small lake called Gangotri Lake which is a seasonal lake I think (honestly, I thought the name was sarcasm looking at the water, you decide)

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

The places is covered with tall Eucalyptus trees and roads are just amazing, yes there she is, I have to admit its a great car

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Now when you reach on top, the view is breathtaking. I can speak for the sunset as I was there. But tourism has an ugly side and below picture tells the reality.

View from top, notice the bright specs on the ground, yeah polythene and garbage really ruins the mood

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Since it was already past 400 PM, I decided to eat something, but there are only a couple of restaurants, and only one was decent enough. There was no lunch available, but snacks were available post 500 PM. So, if you are looking for decent meals, either get it on highway or pack something. Only roadside chips are available with ice-cream and soft drink vendors. The above mentioned restaurant was owned and run by Andhra Pradesh tourism and quality of food was decent though limited items are available.

The hilltop has a garden, small zoo and also hotel. If you are someone with family looking for a weekend trip with a one night stay, the place is decent enough. Hotels are owned by AP tourism and the ambience from outside was nice, if you have ever been to Nandi Hills or Jog Falls, the ambience of the hotels and this one is same. Below was the neighborhood with hotel rooms and cottages on both sides:

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Below was a watch tower in garden:

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Some shots from the actual viewpoint:

The rolling hills around late afternoon at 400 PM

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

During the sunset, the hills and layers in sky give a unique scene to remember

Photo of Day Drive to Horsley Hills by Anirban Banerjee

Overall, this was my first long drive and it was a solo drive, all things considered this is a pretty nice place to visit for a weekend getaway. I came back with some fond memories and will visit this place once again when the pandemic is over.

Embedding the latest google reviews link for latest updates.