First To Kashi. By A Solo Traveller

14th Nov 2015
Day 5

What to say. Varanasi is magical,peaceful,Spiritual all in the name of kashi Vishwanath and Ganga maiyya.

Day 1

So Excited to start this journey. From kottayam, State of kerala. It was like I'm in dream. My first interstate solo journey and it's to more than 2000 km far Varanasi,State of Uttar Pradesh. Completely different than where i have been living till now. Friends,family,work mates and all the who knows about this told me that It's dangerous, you will get Screwed. I have 8k INR in hand. Previously booked a room through online. No Reservation tickets. My full journey depends on general coach.

Got the train named Chennai Mail from kottayam station, it was good. Not much people.

Day 2

Arrived at Chennai Central Railway Station at noon. Biggest station I have ever seen :p. Train to next station is at afternoon. Got some rest. Bought a ticket to Mughal Sarai station,which is near to banarus.Train name Sanghamitra Express. Heavy rush at the platform, got the smell ahhh... Eyes came out when I saw the train. Full of the coaches are already full.Even a foot step is impossible. Thinks that my journey won't continue and start searching the train fully for a place. Finally one boggy has some space, Nothing to think Entered into that coach and train started moving. The coach is for Handicapped ones.

What ever if you got the will, there will be a way for sure.

At the night every start sleeping, iam at a sit and sleep position. One of the other's mobile phone is missing. I got depressed, because I'm the only one with a different language. They started searching bags and got the thief, No tension for me. Sleeping.... :)

Day 3

Still on train. It's going well with the Hindi guys.Most of us are same age and got attached fast. Foods and stories are shared their.when the train stopped at the station Nagpur, One man comes into the coach and asking for the certificate of handicapped.In trouble, already caught 2 others, my hindi isn't good enough, but I told him I had an accident and that's why I am here. What ever he told me "tu jao bacha "(you can go) and takes 1000 each from others. I still don't know, how iam escaped.. Haha...

Day 4

Arrived at the target station Mughal Sarai at the early morning. Got some good and innocent friends from that train. 21 km to Assi Ghat,my room is there.  Paid 250 for rickshaw. Magical seeing started from the road.. Room is good, worth for 300 per day.after some sleep, walked to the ghats and then just dream come true. Iam here at Great Kashi

Day 5

Just walking through ghats... Banarus it's really a magical world.Meeting a sadhu was a dream and it comes true. People's smoking ganja everywhere, enjoying everywhere at the ghats

Day 6

Woke up early and done  Ganga snan and sits at the top of a Ghat for 2-3 hours, that was amazing. Got a friend too from here name Ravi who is a native having his Own Boat and he was very friendly. He gave me a free ride through ganga. Also participates in the famous Ganga Aarti,that was so beautiful and spiritual.

Day 7

And also kaal bhairo temple, Banarus Hindu university, everything was great. Beautiful historic city. I never face any danger here, good people, happy people, they love Ganga deeply. Kashi Vishwanath.

Kashi,holy,Spiritual,peaceful. This is why I choose this city at the first. People who are almost near to death comes here takes "MOKSHA". That much holiness... I got why is that... Will definitely come again...