How to Create a Bucket List? Welcome to Mine.

21st Jul 2017


After watching the Movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman , I started making my Bucket List. The list is all about things that will come up in your mind at your last moment of your life Such as: - Wish I would have done or achieved that goal or activity. Those could be relationship/ Career/Travelling/ Family/ Social/Health etc. Goals.

How to Create a Bucket List:-

Just take out your Pen or Pencil or Open your excel Sheet. Start jotting down the things that come in your mind after reading these Questions.

#Which Activities or Adventures you want to try?

#Which experiences you want to have or feel?

#What if you were to die tomorrow? What wishes would you make?

#If by luck, you get to meet Fairy, and she asks about your all Wishes, Which wishes would you make? (So Better be prepared and have the list so you won’t miss anything…Hehe)

#What are your relationship/Family goals?

#What skills you wanted to have or learn?

#Any financial goals?

#What would you do if you have unlimited time, money and resources?

#What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet.

#Any countries, places, festivals or locations you want to visit?

Here is My Bucket List. It keeps on changing. May be my list would help you in making yours.


1. ✓ Skydiving

Photo of How to Create a Bucket List? Welcome to Mine. 1/2 by Jiten Bansal

2. Scuba Diving

3. Water Surfing

4. Skateboarding

5. ✓Wall Climbing

Photo of How to Create a Bucket List? Welcome to Mine. 2/2 by Jiten Bansal

6. Water Surfing

7. ✓Zip Lining

8. ✓ Fox Flying

9. Fly boarding

10. ✓Exploring the Cave

11. Jump Off a Cliff

12. Kitesurfing

13. ✓Parasailing

14. Play a game of Paintball

15. Rappelling down a Waterfall

16. Rappelling in a Cave

17. Sail a Boat

18. Kayaking

19. Snowboarding

20. ✓Skiing

21. ✓ River Rafting

22. ✓Desert Safari


23. Travel to 100+ countries. :- 10 by 2018, 15 by 2019, 25 by 2021, 35 by 2022.

24. Do backpack to at least 20 countries.

25. Travel to at least One Country by Train.

26. Camp in the woods.

27. Cover at least One Country on Wheels.

28. Stay in One Country for at least 6 months.

29. Visit to 100 UNESCO heritage places.


30. Complete 20 treks by 2018

31. Summit Mount Everest Base Camp by 2018.

32. Have a Bath with Elephant

33. Plant a tree and watch it grow.

34. Chase Tornado

35. Visit a Volcano

36. Climb to the top of tree

37. Make a Snowman

38. Swim with Turtles

39. Swim with group of Fish

40. Want to watch lion very closely

41. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise in a day


42. Believing in Investing than Saving.

43. Have passive Income from Stocks.

44. Have Passive Income from My Blog.

45. Buy Mini Cooper by age of 40,Audi Q7 by age of 45 , and Astin Martin DB11 by age of 55 .

46. Stay in Villa in Kasol after 60.


47. Be the change in Someone’s Life

48. Be the one Parents would be proud of.

49. Be the most caring and loving Husband

50. Attend a School Reunion

51. Will be my Kids’ role model

52. Attend a college Reunion

53. Meet a Blog reader in person

54. Visit my Old House

55. Visit my School.

56. Reunion with Old friend

57. Surprise Someone

58. Tell Mom Dad How much I love them

59. Write letter to Future me.

60. Sing Karaoke Duet

61. Receive a Fan Letter

62. Have friend circle from almost 50+ countries.


63. Learn 4 new Languages :- French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin .

64. Become a nice cook.

65. Become a Photographer.

66. Do volunteering work in at least 10+ countries.

67. Learn and Follow passion of Stock Investing.

68. Be a Travel Blogger.

69. Publish a Book.

70. Create a Logo for my website.

71. Be a Stock Investor.

72. Create a piece of Art and Sell it.

73. Inspire someone.

74. Learn Pottery.

75. Design a Website.

76. Knit a Scarf.

77. Make Candle.

78. Make handmade gift.

79. Write a Song


80. Run a 21 kms. marathon by 2018

81. Run a 42 kms. Marathon by 2022.

82. Take Martial Arts Taekwondo Classes from Nepal.


83. Cruise in a Low Rider

84. Drive a Race Car

85. Drive a Snowmobile

86. Drive a Speed Boat

87. Drive a Tractor

88. Drive a Zamboni

89. Drive an ATV

90. Fly in a Blimp

91. Fly Emirates

92. Fly in a Helicopter

93. Fly in a Private Jet

94. Go in a Submarine

95. Race a Go Kart

96. Ride a Camel

97. Ride a Tandem Bicycle

98. Ride in a Cyclo

99. Ride a Jetski

100. Ride a Segway

101. Ride a Unicycle

102. Ride an Electric Bike

103. Ride in a Dune Buggy

104. Ride in a Gondola

105. Ride in a Limousine

106. Ride on a Cable Car

107. Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster

108. Ride on a Subway

109. Ride on a Tandem Bike

110. Ride on a Train

111. Ride One of the Largest Roller Coasters in the World

112. Test Drive a Sleek Sports car


113. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | USA

114. Battle of the Oranges | Italy

115. Burning Man | USA

116. Carnival of Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

117. Carnival of Venice | Italy

118. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) | Mexico

119. Electric Run | Utah

120. Holi Festival | Vrindavan India

121. Human Tower Competition | Spain

122. Kentucky Derby | USA

123. La Tomatina | Spain

124. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | New York

125. Mardi Gras | New Orleans

126. National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC

127. Obon Festival | Japan

128. Olympic Games | Random Locations

129. Oktoberfest | Germany

130. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro | Tanzania

131. Pingxi Lantern Festival | Taiwan

132. Sandfest | USA

133. Songkran Water Festival | Thailand

134. Sundance Film Festival | USA

135. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival | Scotland

136. Westminster Dog Show | USA

137. Sun Burn Festival | Goa India

138. Full Moon Party | Thailand