How to use your power of being a woman while travelling.

4th Apr 2022

As a woman we are blessed with certain qualities that come naturally to us. We must use them to our advantage and protect ourselves when we are travelling.

1. The power of intuition

As a woman, you know things and understand things on a deeper level as you are constantly in touch with your emotions. This is your super power as your emotions are teachers, teaching you why you feel a certain way and what triggers you the way it does. Trust your inner voice as it guides you and cultivate it as you keep travelling.

2. The power of eye contact

Your eyes are the gateways to your soul. When you use your eyes to communicate with the other person and look at them straight in the eye it is easier to get the message across and get what you're looking for be it a ticket, food or a place to stay.

3. The power of body language

Body language is important in any or every situation. How you carry yourself and how you walk makes all the difference. If you are droopy and scared of your surroundings it will show in the way you walk and talk but if you are confident even when you don't know where you are headed it will show in the way you talk and walk.

4. The power of your words

As a woman traveller you can use your words to get work done easily. Be it words of kindness and gratitude like please, sorry and thank you can take you a long long way and remember what goes around comes around so always be kind!

5. The power of respect

Remember women are considered to be goddesses in India and we are all deserving of respect and honour. Hence you must walk and act like you are a goddess and people will have no other option but to respect you and look up to you. Respect they say is earned but when it comes to a woman she is born with it. It is our duty as women travellers to ensure we get it.

How many of these points resonate with you! Let me know 🤗

The Power of Being a Woman

Photo of How to use your power of being a woman while travelling. by Neeva Phatarphekar