Journey towards clouds: Pangot

Day 1

I had just returned from a 3 days gateway im a resort based in Jim Corbett and was really not ready to spend much. But the thirst of wandering somewhere  was still there, all I needed was a push. A push that was done happily by my friend. He called me to this place and I went, with just 1k in my hand.
Took bus from Akshardham Mandir at 10.20 p.m which I had booked just 20mins prior.
Thanks to red bus deal. I got the seats at Inr 420 and since it was wednesday, the bus was empty😛 So enjoyed 2 seats😎
The bus dropped me at kathgodam at 6 a.m the next morning.

Day 2

Early morning, it literally felt so fresh. It was drizzling. I could actually hear birds and crows. Oh god! I never thought crows would sound so good too . They are lost amongst the buildings and dust of Delhi.
I took bus from there at Inr 65 only which dropped me at Nainital in an hour. The way from kathogdam to nainital is pretty good especially in early morning, less of hustle and traffic.{ I did not have the same experience coming back so}.

My friend picked me up from Nainital for Pangot.
There is no commercial vehicle running and anyone planning to visit will have to book a cab for the same..
Pangot is 1 hour away and the drive is mesmerising. After covering a distance of 15mins, humans can't be found😆 and I literally mean it.
The road is covered with dense tress on both the sides and so dense that at some places, sunlight cannot even penetrate. They are lush green with sounds of birds chirping and crickets can be heard. It is all so magical and beautiful.

Since it was monsoon season, July, the clouds were all over the ground. Can you imagine it? Passing by the trees and entering into something that you cannot see but still cannot wait to explore. There were so many awestruck moments.

Again, I reached my destination which was an escape village initiative started by greenpeopleind. Anyone can book their cottage at affordavle price of 1500. For some work purpose, my stay was for FREE 😄

The place has options of both cottages and camps. We chose cottage.

I took rest for the day and guess what I did for the next 3 days?

(Adding pictures below to get a glimpse of the cottage and the room view)

Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Day 3

Ofcourse I had my meal the day I reached but the food tasted crazy the next day when I explored it is actually grown in the area around cottage.

I saw beans, oranges, green chillies and turnip plantation. Went all , plucked them and saw the food being cooked out of them. Knowing that the food I ate has not been injected with chemicals, gave a fulfilling satisfaction. 

But what is crazy is that I got to know walnuts grow on trees and they had this tree.

{ The picture below is of walnut tree. The fruits were not yet ready}.

In the evening I went for a strall down the cottage, met the locals who are desperate to leave the village for a better easier life.

Going back to cottage,I  had my evening drink made from rodedendron flower( grown naturally and has medicinal value😋 tastes yum).

The night was welcomed by leeches, scorpions and so many other insects of different shapes and sizes and ofcourse the milky way😍 You could see them so clearly.

P.s: cottages are safe from all the creatures mentioned above🤗
And I did saw 3 more cottage on my way to Pangot but cannot comment on their services.

Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Day 4

Followed the same relaxing routine in the day. However, at around 4 p.m, we left for the himalayan point. One can get a glimpse of Himalayas from this point, as said.
It is a long drive of almost 30mins. Walking down the trail, I would not suggest as the road is covered with forest on both sides and leopards and bears are found in the region. So.. however adventurous it may sound.. life is more important😄

After reaching the stop point, there is a treck, quite simple to cover, unless attacked by snakes. Reaching at the hill top was way beyond what I had imagined.
Firstly , because it was my 1st trekking experience but also because the trek itself was magical.
It exactly was the way I personally like. Trees around , different flowers. The hill top had secret garden type of formations. I wish , i wish I could stay there longer. It was way better than seeing any hilltop, which we could not because of the clouds😅

At that point, I just wanted to stay there maybe in a tree house and with my internet. Not to communicate with others but just to make them realise. How beautiful mother Earth is and what we are doing to her.

Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Day 5

The next day, I left early for Nainital. I wanted to go for boating.
The boating charges are around 450 for 4 people in a boat. But the moment , I reached the place. I was devastated. I had never seen a place so dirty. I felt so sick with all the plastics in the lake. Plastics of all kind. And I actually saw the fishes sucking their food in and around those plastic garbage.
To add up, I saw sewage from drain going in that lake. The lake of tourist attraction from far and wide is actually ruined.
I still can not take that off my mind.

I tried to take the picture from a clearer view. But still one catch white plastic floating.

I strongly urge people to understand the concern. We are making a place that we do not want to live in. If stronly followed, I am sure the results will be better. Not to mention, the deep neglegance of government here, who is doing nothing to protect the place.

I took a bus from Nainital to kathgodam and then way back to Delhi, Anandvihar bus station which cost me around Inr 400.

Also, to mention I had food in Naintal but with my budget in concern it was just chole bhature and light snack. Not a travel foodie💁 I can eat expensive when at home😄

Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari
Photo of Journey towards clouds: Pangot by kriti kumari