Adventure sports camp at Masouri, Uttarakhand

11th Mar 2009
Photo of Adventure sports camp at Masouri, Uttarakhand 1/3 by Madhulina Mallik
Kemty Falls
Photo of Adventure sports camp at Masouri, Uttarakhand 2/3 by Madhulina Mallik
Photo of Adventure sports camp at Masouri, Uttarakhand 3/3 by Madhulina Mallik

All of us have a little child inside of us who wants to explore the world and marvel at its splendor with innocent interest. The inquisitiveness never really subsides. My first traveling experience, without my parents, will always hold a special place in my heart. I felt that I was finally a big girl. A part of my mind was terrified, but I had faith in myself. It was an adventure sports camp in the in the hills of Masourie and we were an eager bunch of students. We had a packed itinerary and each day was scheduled for a certain type of adventure sport. We stayed in tents, on the slope of the hill and early every morning we would exercise and prepare ourselves for the day’s adventure. From learning about the different types of knots to learning how to trek, everything about this trip was exciting. The feeling of the adrenaline rushing through my body when we rowed our raft in the extreme rapids of Ganga is still fresh in my mind. Rappelling, rock climbing, flying fox, river crossing, and every other imaginable adventure sport was a part of that enthralling trip. We met many local people during our trek to Kempty Falls. They were extremely warm and welcoming and replenished our tired souls with water and a hot bowl of Maggi. The most liberating experience was of paragliding high up in the air. It's the best way to fully grasp the beauty of the hills.That trip made me realize that we are capable of doing anything if we just put our determination to it.

The place was so serene and beautiful that it made me feel that I was one with nature.

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