Not Getting A Visa? Pray At These Unique Visa Temples In India To Turn Your Fortunes!


If you're someone who's been wanting to go abroad, but haven't been having much luck with your visa application, only one thing can help you – divine intervention. After going to God's doorstep for everything from getting full marks in your mathematics paper to getting over your latest breakup, now you can trouble him for your visa woes as well. Don't believe me? Well, these visa temples in India will change your mind!

If you've been wanting to visit the United States but the visa gods don't favour you, a trip to Chilkur Balaji Temple is all you need, or so they say! The ancient temple shot to fame when a group of computer software professionals' US visa applications were magically cleared after they offered their prayers here. Ever since then, devotees from around the country have been flocking to Chilkur Balaji Temple to pray to the 'visa god' and believe it or not, the success rate is actually quite high!

If you thought a 'visa god' was the epitome of craziness, Jalandhar's Talhan Sahib Ji Gurudwara just hits it out of the park. Located in the heart of a town named Talhan, the 150-year old gurudwara is a hit amongst devotees awaiting their visas. So much so that people actually go to the extent of offering toy aeroplanes along with their prayers, an act that is said to appease the gods and improve the chances of getting a visa!

The head priest at the Chamatkari Visa Wale Hanuman Mandir in New Delhi has claimed in interviews that even though the world is full of pessimists, those who have their faith in store, get what they ask for. It is this ideology which forms the base for the famed Hanuman temple located in Delhi's Neb Sarai area. The staff at the temple also maintains a register that records all 'thank you' messages written by devotees who got their visas cleared upon praying here. And guess what? The register is full of such entries!

If you're someone who lives in Delhi and is having a problem getting a visa clearance, there's never going to be a shortage of temples you can pray in to solve it all! The Pracheen Hanuman Mandir, located in Delhi's Connaught Place area is another temple in the city that attracts green card seekers in big numbers. FYI, this one is also one of the oldest and most recognisable temples in Delhi so expect much longer lines than those in a visa office!

Think offering toy aeroplanes to a shrine defies logic? Ahmedabad's Chamatkarik Shree Hanumanji Mandir takes things to a whole new level. This small temple becomes the centre of attraction for foreign aspirants in the city every weekend. To top it all, one can also get visa counselling sessions within the temple premises – something that always manages to attract hundreds of applicants!

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