Roadtrip to Tranquility!!!!

Photo of Anjuna Beach, Bardez, Goa, India by Gandharv Sharma

Staying at Anjana Beach was a good decission for me as I was looking for a relaxed trip away from the crowded streets like Baga and Calangute Beach which are overloaded with clubs playing bollywood nights. Although it’s another kind of feel at Baga Beach to enjoy ur drinks & meal by the streetside resturants watching the crowd moving around in high spirit, but yeah the traffic could be a little annoying.

Photo of Candolim, Goa, India by Gandharv Sharma
Photo of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India by Gandharv Sharma

Unknowingly I started to sing along with the music in the car with a possitive smile and returned home in high spirit. I realised it afterwords how this has been working for me since so many years. Roads always lead me to a calm and posstive mind. Whenever I used to be filled up with thoughts in my mind, I would take a short road-trip sometimes within the city or outstation, and mostly oftenly walktrips in the evening around the house, because roadtripping is the best time that I give to myself!!!! That realisation urged me to write this blog to share my expreince about road-trips.

Sometimes it's not about the destination… It’s the journey which gives us what we look for.

Have you ever done or consider doing a Roadtrip ?????

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Photo of Anjuna, Goa, India by Gandharv Sharma
Photo of Baga, Goa, India by Gandharv Sharma

I was ending my tour in Goa at Anjuna Beach, filling myself one last time with the best view of the ocean blue, with a little pinch of sadness for returning my rented Super Bike to Mr. Santosh, the owner and a hospitable gentleman. He offered a good discount on the bike and helped me with cash at the time of demonetisation in India, because of him I didn’t have to worry about cash during the whole trip in Goa (highly recommeded if you want to hire bike on rent in Goa: 9850468268).

Candolim beach was a great expereince. A chilled beer with a cozy beach bed to enjoy the sunset at the beautiful clear beach is worth of an expreince if you are at candolim beach in Goa.

5th and the last day when I was heading back to Mumbai, I had one obvious question in mind, what’s next? That’s the most common question we think while ending an amazing tour, isn’t? Besides that I had couple of more questions/worries running in my mind which I kept as a baggage in mind before starting my roadtrip from Mumbai. With some soft music in the car I was driving on silently and I was anxious now with lot of thoughts in mind and it wasn’t a good feeling :-\

After driving a few more silent kilometres, very effortlessly my mind started to think about solutions to my worries. A few more kilometres passed and gradually I started making plans in mind about the things I’ll do once am back home. Few more miles away the dark clouds spread-away and things started to fall in line and I could clearly see my goals and how I have to reach there. Now from an anxious mind I had travelled a journey to the state of motivation :-)