Siliserh Lake: A much-needed getaway

15th Jan 2016
Photo of SiliSerh Lake, Alwar, Rajasthan, India by Kirti Gupta
Photo of SiliSerh Lake, Alwar, Rajasthan, India by Kirti Gupta
Photo of SiliSerh Lake, Alwar, Rajasthan, India by Kirti Gupta
Photo of SiliSerh Lake, Alwar, Rajasthan, India by Kirti Gupta

A city like Delhi might have myriad fancy options for dinning or shopping but when it comes to finding a tranquil spot to spend some peaceful time, then there are hardly any options. Staying amidst the hustle and bustle of Delhi like many of its natives sometimes I really need a short getaway in-between the long holiday trips. Few days back I started searching for some hidden gem near Delhi and after doing some search on internet I came to know about this lake named Siliserh at Alwar, Rajasthan. The moment I saw its images I could not believe that a place with such a magnificent view can be just three and a half hours away from Delhi. Due to its stunning natural beauty and the fact that coming back on the same day was possible the Siliserh lake proved to be a perfect destination to explore for me and my friend.

On 15th January 2016 me and my friend started our drive to Alwar at 7:00 clock in the morning. Leaving early was a good decision and one can leave at 6:30 also for a much smoother drive while crossing Delhi. It took us more than expected time to reach Gurgaon and then in Manesar we had a halt for breakfast at Mc Donald's. After our breakfast I was expecting clear roads but then at the Haryana- Rajasthan border we got stuck in a traffic jam for 20 minutes. At one point I really thought that we will not be able to make it but then the traffic cleared and from there a smooth drive on NH8 started. The weather was pleasing to the senses and on both sides my eyes could enjoy the whimsical view of the blooming mustard farms. We crossed many small districts and towns, some with really funny names, like one was called Chikni.

The GPS did not give up during the whole journey thankfully and at 11:30 when the sun had risen high above us we reached Alwar. Even when the GPS was showing 10 minutes away from the destination, still we were not able to spot even a single sign board of the lake, still we just kept following the GPS directions. Then suddenly on right side of our car we saw the beauteous Siliserh lake surrounded by hills on all three sides. Only through the lake palace one can see the perfect panoramic view of the lake, so we entered the lake palace hotel by paying Rs.50 per person.

The lake palace is situated at a really picturesque location and its terrace restaurant offers visitors a refreshing scenic view of the lake. The lake is still a hidden gem so the good thing was that the whole ambience was really tranquil and was not crowded with masses of visitors. The hotel despite its ideal location has not been maintained very well by RTDC and offers a really small menu of some Indian comfort snacks, but due to my research on internet we were already prepared for this. So we just bought some drinks from the hotel's bar and enjoyed the view from the terrace. Even after some drawbacks of the hotel I had such a great time. When did three hours pass away just gazing at this beauty of nature I did not knew and I really did not want to come out of the meditation like state. As they say every good thing must come to an end, we bade farewell to Siliserh lake at 2:30 in the noon. On the way back it took us less time to reach Delhi and I was home at around 6:15 in the evening.

So for all those Delhiites who need a quick getaway into the lap of nature, I would say that the Siliserh lake is worth giving a shot.

Before ending this blog I would like to mention some pointers about which one must take care when planning a trip to Siliserh lake:

  • On your way to Alwar you will find two Mc Donald's. The one at Manesar is a nice option to have breakfast. I would recommend that you get freshen up at one of these Mc Donald's on your way as the washrooms at the lake palace are in a bad state.
  • If you like you can pack homemade food items to munch upon during your drive but no outside food item is allowed inside the hotel premises.
  • Drinks at the hotel bar are sold at much higher rate than the market price. The hotel entry fee includes one complimentary drink like tea, coffee or cold drink so if you don’t want to pay extra you can enjoy your complimentary drink too.
  • If you are an unmarried couple do not plan a stay in Alwar as I was later told by a friend of mine that unmarried couples are not issued rooms in any of the hotels in Alwar.