The Goa Madness


#SwipeRightToTravel It was about two years back that all of my cousins ,my sis and me had been to Goa for the new years.

The entire trip was amazing but the real story begin when all of our cousins left for Bangalore.

They left for Bangalore in the morning and we(me and my sis) had a to catch a bus to Pune.

We both had thoroughly got bored through out the day as it was only the two of us and we were eagerly waiting to go home and get to our cozy beds.

The owner was sweet middle-aged man with a lovely family of five and we had a good rapport with him.He guided us with the places to visit and where to rent the bikes from etc.The owner came to drop us both at the bus stop and has left after dropping us.

After waiting for about an hour the bus came and the impossible happend. We had booked our seats online and our seats had been double booked and we were told that our booking had been cancelled.We were left irritated agitated and angry.I protested but it was no use.

Then I booked our tickets for the next day and called the owner of the Bungalow that we were previously residing in.To my surprise the owner and his wife came immediately to the bus stand picked us up.They gave us a room stay (without charging us for the rooms!!)and some food to eat.

Their family was warm and welcoming and they gave us all the comfort possible.Though that day we did not get to sleep in our bed but we got to sleep in a pretty cozy bed.