The most interesting metro stations in India - how many of these have you been to?


India may be no Moscow when it comes to beautiful metro stations, but there are some metro stations here that are worth checking out for all the art and architecture, that we can assure you. With most of the metros in India being new and some of them still being built, they are mostly built of the basic constructional model and the architecture is seldom extraordinary.

However, the wall art in some of these stations is so good that paying a visit to these metro stations solely for admiring all of this art is definitely worth considering. Here are four such metro stations in India you should pay a visit to when you are in one of these cities.

One of the oldest metros in the country, Delhi metro is an experience that locals as well as visitors to the city seem to like. It’s fast, connects to nearly all places of the city and helps avoid all the traffic -what more can one ask for? While most of the metro stations are common place with decent design that is functional and prim, the architecture at the aiport metro station is impressive. The swank and suave design makes it look really good, along with some picturesque wall-papers that we find here and there in this station.

How beautiful can the man-designed metro stations get in god’s own country? They’re definitely not mundane is all we can say. While the connectivity and utility of the Kochi metro is known to be very good, we also (especially) love all the art that covers the walls of some of the stations. The Pathadipalam station's art is something to take a look at.

While some of the walls of the metro have the world map on them, some have beautiful depictions of Kerala’s naval history and some have beautiful paintings of the Eastern-ghats and some really colourful birds found here. These metro stations are worth a visit just to check all of this art.

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Pathadipalam Metro Station, Ernakulam Road, Koonamthai, Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala, India by Anila Kopparapu

There are many more stations being constructed even as you read this and it is said that the ‘Maharaja’ station will soon be having a huge wall-painting of Kerala’s history. That sure is something we look forward to!

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Azad Nagar Metro Station, Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Anila Kopparapu

The bustling Mumbai metros which also happen to be one of the country’s oldest and busiest stations are worth traveling in just to experience the real flavor of the city. While architecture is mostly just functional, the art on the walls of the Andheri and the Azad metro stations is definitely something we can’t just walk by. In fact, despite the constant air of rush this place has, we would feel like standing by all of this really deep, meaningful wall-art and stare at them for a good few minutes.

There are comics that depict what Mumbai is all about – the dabbawallas, the stock exchange, the locals’ love for cricket and at the Andheri station a whole comic story about wealth and loss that’s actually got quite some depth to it.

The only city which had metro back in the 80s was Kolkata, being the very first metro line in India. However, after it has gone under the Indian railways it has taken new shape and the stations have an architecture that is quite modern and some of the stations are quite interesting too.

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Girish Park Metro Station, Chittaranjan Avenue, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Anila Kopparapu

The Girish Park metro station is surely the most interesting of all of Kolkata’s metro stations, with all the mural paintings – some really beautiful ones that take over all the walls of the station. They definitely make life less mundane for all throngs of people who pass by the station every day.

Only a year old, Gurgaon metro stations are all swanky with some really fine and beautiful constructional models. What we love the most is the Arjan Garh metro with all the art that was done on it by a popular Singaporean artist that was assigned with this job. The art here features birds such as - 'gangster myna' with a gold chain and all and a kingfisher too.

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Arjan Garh Metro Station, Arjan Garh, Aya Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi by Anila Kopparapu

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