The One with the Euro Trip

28th Oct 2018
Day 1

From the Land of Pooram aka Thrissur, We arrived at the Cochin International Airport to Board our Flight to Bagdogra Airport which is the Nearest Airport to Darjeeling. Yes , we are exploring Darjeeling before going for the Euro Trip. Our Indigo flight is at 2:20 AM and we arrived early at 12:15 AM at the Airport. Our Flight is charted to Mumbai Airport where we have to board another Indigo Flight to Bagdogra at 8:30 AM. We arrived at Mumbai Airport at 4:30 AM. "We" specified here means Myself Visakh , My Younger Sister Athira , My Dad and My Mom. We had nothing to do for 4 hours in the Mumbai CST Airport other than trying to get a sleep. We were a bit drowsy when we landed at Mumbai until we saw a Kerala Tourism Ad saying "Come out and Play" which is the official catchy phrase of Kerala Tourism. That gave me a little bit of strength through Excitement because it's my first time seeing a Kerala Tourism Ad in another City. Then, we got seated and my family started trying to get a sleep. I know I will fail if I try to get a sleep because I'm not in a comfy position to get a sleep. I tried to get a Coffee but the Coffee available here was too Costly and I thought it was not worth it. Then, a girl came and sat opposite to me. Yes , A Cute One. I started looking at her but in a less creepy way (atleast to me). She was enjoying the Music Playlist in her Phone or is it that she was trying to look less alone, I will never know. Like we learnt in Class 12 CBSE textbook, "A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever - John Keats ". But I stopped looking because I don't want her to think that I'm a creepy person. Somewhere in between my father poking me to tell me that it's time to catch the flight and me thinking that what playlist she is listening to, I slept. She was gone when I woke up and we catched our flight to Bagdogra. We arrived at the Airport of Bagdogra and there we saw our Driver named Binod. He guided us into his Car to transfer us to Darjeeling. My sister know a little bit Hindi so mostly she was the one communicating with Binod bhai. Binod Bhai took us to a small hotel for Lunch.It had a very beautiful scenery and the Best Momos I ever had!! Then we continued our Journey to Darjeeling. After a 2 hours ride, we arrived at Darjeeling. Darjeeling is a beautifully planned town where we can smell the local momos in every corner. On the way, Binod bhai told us that Barfi was shooted here whilst he whistled a song from Barfi. We arrived at our Hotel Pink Mountain at late 5 PM. It was around 7 or 8 degrees Temperature.
We were tired and we didn't get to explore Darjeeling that night. Seeing the beautiful Scenery from our Room, we couldn't wait to wake up to that view.

Photo of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India by Visakh sivan