To the stream of inner peace: Bidar


The word 'udas' in common parlance in Hindi is related to unhappiness. However, in Sanskrit, the meaning is detachment. Sri Guru Nanak Ji traveled in all directions on missionary journeys to spread the message of peace and brotherhood and these travels are called Udasi. Such is the play of words! For me , travel gives a sense of detachment, that helps is rebooting the inner self. When things look overwhelming, a short trip to makes great sense.

I love going for short trips to Bidar, a small town near border of Telangana & Karnataka. The place is famous for Nanak Jheera Sahib and Bidar Fort. The place has a distinct charm, and is easily accessible from Hyderabad. So a fast track teerth, some really great walks in remains of a vast fort and picturesque moments of calm at the cost of a simple meal for two in a city is what Bidar has on offer. If self driving, for two this will be around 1500 overall.And there is more, so read on.

0800 Hours, Saturday Morning : Start from Hyderabad. Better to take ORR Route towards Zaheerabad. Greenery and small hills around, the drive is good and you should be there in 3 to 4 hours. If going in mango season, don't forget to buy good farm fresh plucks on your way or way back.

Stay: Nanak Jheera Gurudwara has a choultry within it's premises, that is clean, peaceful and very nominally priced. You get a air conditioned room that has 4 beds at INR 500 for a night.

1200 Hours: Freshen up and then go for ardaas to Gurudwara. Do go for a sip of holy water from Jheera right next to main building. As souvenir, a lot of folks take some Jal in small canisters back home. Langar is simple but a must have. For the once who wish to have something else, there are ample eateries just outside Gurudwara. And then laze around! An afternoon siesta is a place of such calm and positive vibes will refresh your nerves. For those who wish to explore more, there is a temple, Narsimha Jharini that is nearby. Here you take a darshan by walking in shoulder deep water towards the main deity. Pack in some change of clothes.

1700 Hours and ahead: Freshen up and go for a stroll in nearby park. I love sitting there and having a lovely conversation and watching sun set, with brilliant colors at display. Take a long stroll around, have dinner and then sit in the Gurudwara compound, near the Amrit Kund. I am sure, you will feel at peace and a connect with your inner self.

0600 Hours, Sunday: Wake up early for the first ardaas and kirtan in morning is blissful and not to be missed. If you have any thing to ask of from all mighty, there is a Likhari desk where you can make a donation. Granthi Ji will put your ardaas to Guruji at the end of kirtan.

0930 Hours: Time for some great picturesque locales! Bidar fort is a nearby. Amazing remnants of a great fort and time gone by. Be prepared for long strolls and high grasses. For the once who are interested in Bahamani architecture, with Persian touch, there is Mahamud Gawan Madarsa nearby. While you may not be allowed inside, you still will be able to see great architecture and building that once it would have been.

Drive back to Hyderabad, and don't forget to pick up some seasonal fruits that are being sold roadside. Will be a reminiscing memory of a weekend well spent.

This blog was originally published on 'The Weekend Wanderers'